Most children like to play indoors and outdoors, which is good for their development as they grow up. However, kids nowadays are spending too much time indoors, playing gaming consoles or tablets resulted in minimum movements that may have effect on kid’s development. Ride-on cars have become quite popular and offer a world of fun, freedom, choice, growth, and learning for children. It’ll provide healthier childhood memories and get them ou...... read more
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Carol C.
Dec 07, 2021

Tips for furnishing your vacation rental

Furnishing your vacation rental might seem like an exciting task. Still, some people struggle with it once they start considering the furniture they have at their disposal, their time, budget, etc. In fact, the pieces that you put into your vacation rental might be a deciding factor when it comes to people renting your place.  If done right, the interior decor and the furniture inside your vacation rental could put you one step ahead of...... read more
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Lisa Roberts
Feb 03, 2021

A Crisp Autumn Breeze

As the autumn season sets in so do some beautiful changes. It’s a time when colors change, moods change, and weather changes. Many people love this season because of its romantic aspect. Autumn. The season between summer and winter in which the temperature begins to change and the leaves begin to fall. Many consider autumn to be the period from the autumn equinox (when day and night are equal) to the winter solstice (the shortest period of daylig...... read more
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Dec 24, 2020


Everybody has their own set of friends but, among those friends only a few or just one of them you can consider as your true friend. How would you define a True Friend? It may vary, some would say a shoulder to cry on, someone who has your back, someone who is always a helping hand, someone who will never leave you in good times or bad, someone who accepts you and a so on. For me, A true friend is someone who knows you inside out, someone...... read more
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Dec 03, 2020

7 Fun Games To Help Your Child Have An Interesting Halloween Season

Despite its origins in Western countries, Halloween has become a much-awaited festival in many other countries every end of October. On this day, many parents want to design for their kids some fun games with hope to help children enjoy the special atmosphere of Halloween and know about mystical legends in Western countries associated with the festival, but does not cause the child to be obsessed with fear. Here are some fun games that par...... read more
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Oct 19, 2020

Season in the summer

Now it’s the end of summer. On weekends, Let’s take our family or friends with us, get away from the crowded and hot city, then find a cool place with mountains and water, spend a leisurely time. Take out the beer and fruit, chill them in the stream. Set up a tent in the shade of a tree and spread out a picnic blanket. Face the stream, set up a grill and prepare for a short barbecue camp. So what do you need to prepare for a perf...... read more
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Aug 24, 2020