We truly feel that spending more time together improves our lives. outdoors, and Camping with Style wants to promote the everyone can enjoy the outdoors. Being active outside offers several advantages. This wish to inspire others by sharing our passion of the great outdoors. Others spend more of their time outside. Outdoor Tent Camping is an excellent way to spend more time outside, but we’re not just about camping. Other outdoor a...... read more
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Jul 10, 2022

Porch Swing: An Awesome Open-air Seats

Having a porch swing exemplifies your home with style and curb charm. It’s a piece of furniture that everyone loves and somehow takes away some stress. We find it amazing because it makes us feel relaxed as time passes by slowly.  A porch swing is a type of swing shaped like a traditional wooden bench that is suspended by a chain or rope to the inside roof of a covered porch. There are 2 types of patio swings, it’s categorized ...... read more
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Carol C.
Jun 30, 2022

Need a break? Relax and enjoy the comforts of having outdoor porch swings!

We all need to take a break sometimes. Away from all the dramas and stress in our life. You just want to feel the peace and quiet even for just a few minutes. A peaceful short break that won’t cause you too much trouble in your schedule; like traveling far away or the consequence of budgeted expenses.   You might be thinking, is this even possible? Yes, of course! Feel relaxed and refreshed within the confines of your own...... read more
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Jun 27, 2022

Outdoor Convertible Sofa Adds Accent To Your Outdoor Space

Now is the time to decorate and furnish your outdoor space in your cozy home. Having an outdoor convertible sofa makes the the phrase “taking a nap” outside has never sounded so enticing. From outdoor couch to useful sectionals and cool sectional  furniture, these are the picks you want to stay in your backyard.  An outdoor space  is somehow an extension of your indoor living room. Not all of us have the a large outdoor space. ...... read more
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Jun 14, 2022

Patio Rattan Daybed: The Perfect Companion for Outdoor Relaxing

Summer is officially here, which means you can start planning your backyard relaxation. A rattan daybed is a highly contemporary style that we recommend for any sunny day. Outdoor rattan garden daybeds are sumptuous and comfortable, adding a touch of style to your outdoor space. Furthermore, unlike a sun lounger, daybeds are typically spacious enough for two or even three persons. As a result, it provides a far more convivial method to u...... read more
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May 25, 2022

Having Outdoor Umbrellas is a Great Way to Enjoy Summer

Your backyard is not complete when it doesn’t have an outdoor umbrella, like 10ft umbrella. Wouldn’t it be better when you are underneath of 10ft cantilever umbrella whenever you’re relaxing and feeling the summer breeze air with family/friends, having a picnic, or just taking a break from household chores? Not only that, but it also adds a style and great shade to your green grounds? When it comes to outdoor patio umbrellas, there ar...... read more
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Carol C.
May 24, 2022

Excellent Guidelines for Choosing a Canopy Swing

Porch swings are popular creations that continue to be popular as inventors try to keep up with the demand. It blends efficiency with a touch of childish innocence while also improving your home’s curb appeal. Porch swings come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. There are several types of Porch swings you can choose from. One of them is the canopy swing. This one is very ideal when your porch lacks the necessary str...... read more
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May 18, 2022


Having a Patio/Lanai/Garden area these days is increasingly becoming popular in residential houses because of the outdoor vibe and relaxation it can provide. While even during hot or wet seasons, you would still want to appreciate the beauty of nature – a double umbrella patio is an economical and practical choice. Imagine yourself sitting outside while sipping a drink and chitchatting with a friend or relative, this outdoor table market umbr...... read more
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Apr 30, 2022

How to Create a Functional Outdoor Space

How to Create a Functional Outdoor Space Outdoor places are becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to understand why. With nicer weather coming along in California, we’re all eager to design our personal sanctuary. However, it is critical to take the time to come up with a strategy. For instance, you must consider what items you will need to enhance the functionality and create a seamless link to the rest of your house. Maki...... read more
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Lisa Roberts
Apr 29, 2022

Friendly Outdoor Wooden Porch Bench Swing Chair

Outdoor Wooden Porch Bench Swing Chair is the perfect way to create an amicable outdoor space. It’s a gift from the natural Solid Wood that could bring a relaxed lifestyle in your backyard. It’ll be everyone’s favorite seat in the house. They are usually made of hardwoods such as red cedar, oak or cypress and are left unpainted. What do you get? Porch swings are outdoor benches hung by chains or ropes from an up...... read more
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Christine C.
Apr 16, 2022