Technology how it affects me


Born in the mid 70s the time when life was still simple. I remember as a child we would spend weekend afternoons playing outside our homes with other kids. When we wanted to talk to our friends we would personally go to their homes and have a conversation.  If ever we would meet beforehand we will arrange for a meeting place, time and place(s) we would be going.

Writing letters and sending Cards to our friends, family and loved ones especially during special occasions. Buying stuff we would go either to the supermarket, department store or malls. Everything needed physical contact or physical presence. 

In High school, you had to write a lot of stuff especially when the teacher writes on the board or dictates somethings. The Typewriter was used to make book reports, written essays and other projects in school. When we needed to make a research we had to go to the Library to make our research and sometimes borrow books for assignments. We had to work hard on a lot of stuff and physical presence is much needed to fulfill a certain task.

In College, The time when there was a big leap in technology first there was the telephone, pagers, mobile cellphones, computers and a lot more gadgets which came up. From simple personal conversations then to telephone conversations by just dialing someones number you get to talk to the person. The use of the Typewriter was lessen since the Computer already existed paper works were better presented. 

As I was working, the growth of technology from simple phone calls there came text messaging, Video Calls, and a lot more. From simple note taking to voice and video recording, photocopy to scanning of documents, from landline calls to mobile phone calls. Life is ever changing.

Now with the new generation, millennials’ as what they are famously called everything has changed. As a parent of a millennial I couldn’t help but compare my childhood to what they have right now.

Not much of the outdoor games more on the online gaming, Not much of the physical conversations but chatting online or video calls, No more research in the Library but just one click away using an internet web browser and Letter writing and Card giving is not that much all are in the computer.  As most would say Just one click away and just Copy and Paste.

For me, I would never exchange my growing up memories irregardless of the technology nowadays. I may have experienced a lot of effort in researches and other manual work because of the lack of technology but, it will never payoff the fun-filled memories.
I cannot stop the changes but, I have to go with the flow of this world we live in.

Don’t fear change – embrace it. -Anthony J. D’Angelo