The 22 most quiet portable air conditioners of 2022


Most people eventually reach a point during a scorching summer if most fans are cooling insufficiently. Sadly, most fans make even more noise than other cooling devices! Aside from that, unless you’re open to considering movable units, they’re typically more difficult to move around your home. And even then, you’ll want to get the quietest portable air conditioner as soon as possible.

Fortunately, several items meet the criteria for a silent air conditioner. They even have diverse qualities that could persuade you to buy them. Before discussing that, let’s first discuss the difference between noisy regular portable air conditioners to silent models.

A Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Should Make How Many Decibels?

When looking for home appliances, you may prioritize silent performance. Therefore, you are probably already familiar with decibel levels. After all, the noise level that the manufacturer typically noted a device produces the product description, they touted it as being extremely silent. The manufacturer will occasionally print that decibel number directly on the box.

The only issue is that many manufacturers cannot specify the location from which they made such measurements. They recorded others from a distance of 10 feet or more, while certain decibel levels represent the amount of noise you’d hear while standing directly next to the appliance! It would help if you learned what these numbers imply since they are still a reliable indicator of the amount of noise you would have to tolerate.

We should avoid a sound that is louder than 80 dB. Therefore, prolonged exposure to the sounds of traffic, vacuums, and alarm clocks is not a good idea. It exposes your risk of hearing damage since you stay longer in the sound.

Considering this, any equipment used for an extended period should have a sound output far below 70 decibels. You may know that noises are approximately half as loud in the 70-decibel range as in the 80-decibel region. 

Therefore, even that will get you outside the danger zone, so your best bet is to look for equipment that produces less than 50 dB. Putting some space between you and the AC unit should help if even that is too noisy. 

You could also review the further advice I’ll provide following the reviews. Let’s talk about some of the other characteristics your ideal quiet air conditioner should have for the time being. 

If even that is too loud, keep a distance between yourself and the AC unit. After the reviews, I’ll provide further advice, which you can also look through. For the time being, let’s talk about some other characteristics your ideal quiet air conditioner should have.

How to choose quiet portable air conditioners when shopping?

It would help to consider a few factors before beginning your search for the ideal portable air conditioner. It would help if you first became acquainted with the idea of BTU ratings.


When we go into our evaluations or when we seek air conditioners, one of the first things you’ll notice is the BTU rating in every product’s name. You should often consider 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, and 14,000 BTUs. BTU, a British thermal unit, measures the heat an appliance can expel. Manufacturers have included various BTU ratings, followed by the phrases DOE and ASHRAE, in recent years. The Department of Energy and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers recognized those initials. Unless you’re particularly seeking a certain score, you can ignore such abbreviations.

However, buyers who use those figures can quickly match the rooms with the right AC unit can handle. Typically:

• An 8,000 BTU device can cool up to 200 square feet.
• A 10,000 BTU unit can cool up to 300 square feet.

• A 14,000 BTU device can cool between 450 and 600 square feet.

Of course, the height of your ceilings also plays a role. If your ceilings are high, invest in a unit with more cooling power.

Functionality (Key Features)

Most conventional portable air conditioners have cooling, dehumidification, and blowing (fan) capabilities. They also allow the user to control the speed of those functions when carried out. But those aren’t the quietest portable air conditioners you can buy, as you’ll see later.

Evaporative coolers appear to win that award instead, despite being less efficient at lowering the temperature. They are frequently the quietest devices you might locate because they employ fans and water to cool the area. They don’t need an exhaust line because they supply moisture rather than taking it out of the air.

Remote Control

Like most window-mounted air conditioners, portable air conditioners typically have remote control capability. Either they will possess real remote controls, or the product’s maker will permit app connectivity. Whichever choice you select, you’ll be happy to have remote control access to your air conditioning system.


We now know that conventional portable air conditioners can also serve as dehumidifiers. As a result, you’ll need to take action to deal with the moisture they pull from the atmosphere. If you don’t want to see a puddle accumulating on the floor, you will ultimately need to drain even the ones that claim that they self-evaporate. However, those exhaust pipes are the purpose for window mounting.

Such kinds of AC units also require periodic filter replacement. Washing your filter every two weeks will also help it live a little longer. The filter’s manufacturer has shown that it is, in fact, washable.

Evaporative coolers also need regular maintenance. After all, you’ll need to replenish them multiple times throughout the day with water or ice. You will need to clean the tank every other week if you don’t use filtered water.

Here’s the list of the 22 most quiet portable air conditioners of 2022

Noise: 55dB

Noise level: ≤ 60dB

Noise: ≤52dB

Noise: ≤ 52dB

Noise: ≤65dB

Noise: ≤65dB

Noise: ≤55dB

Noise: ≤65dB

Indoor noise level: 42 dB
Outdoor noise level: 53 dB

Indoor noise level: 46 dB
Outdoor noise level: 56 dB

Indoor noise level: 54 dB
Outdoor noise level: 60 dB

Noise level: ≤59dB

Noise level: ≤55dB

Noise level: ≦60dB

Noise: ≤55dB

Noise level: ≦58dB

Indoor noise level: 42 dB
Outdoor noise level: 51 dB

Noise level: < 65 dB

Noise: 56 dB

Noise: ≤56dB

NPF low/high wind decibel: 52/56dB

Noise level: ≦63dB”

You probably already know what types of air conditioners are the quietest. Choose the one that appeals to you and breathe in the fresh, dry air. Since 2008, Costway has consistently surpassed customers’ expectations by providing high-quality home goods at competitive prices.