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An electric fireplace mounted on the wall is a stylish addition to any home or office. Because it creates a hypnotic bed of glowing embers with a realistic flame effect. This recessed mounted Fireplace is a gentle source of supplemental heat that can be used independently of the flame. Because it is electric, all it needs to do is be plugged into an electrical outlet and it is ready to use. This fireplace is safe to use because it has been tested to ensure that it meets ETL standards and that it is thermostatically controlled.

Making the right choice for an electrical alternative to a traditional fireplace is critical when deciding which model to purchase for your home. If you have limited space or want to add a modern touch to your home or office, this wall mounted electric fireplace may be the best choice. It not only provides an eye-catching design, but it can also provide supplemental or zone heat when the weather turns cold.

If you’re new to the idea of owning an electric fireplace, here’s the brief rundown on why you’ll love having this Recessed Mounted Standing Fireplace. why it’s one of the most important things you can do for your home this winter (or any season)!

No Smoke – This electric fireplace emits no smoke and produces no hazardous byproducts.
Energy Efficient – one of the most efficient ways to heat a home and heat rooms more quickly and efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces.

Save money – When it comes to fireplaces, electricity is the least expensive. One of the reasons for this is that electric fireplaces offer supplemental zone heating. This concept reduces the use of wasted energy and has the potential to save you up to 10% on your energy bills.

Low Maintenance – The ambiance and warmth of a fireplace are much easier to enjoy when little to no maintenance is required.

Anyone Can Enjoy This Electric Fireplace – The electric fireplace allows anyone to enjoy the dancing flames in any room of their home. Electric fireplaces can be installed on any level of a building because there is no need for a chimney.

Longer Lifespan – Because they do not use combustible energy, electric fireplaces are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Easy Installation – One of the best features of these electric fireplaces is their ease of installation. The fireplace not only can be wall-mounted but also can be embedded in the wall. 

So Many Electric Fireplace Options – can be traditional or contemporary in appearance to complement any type of home decor or architectural style.

Fireplace Safety – The electric fireplace has received ETL certification and is equipped with an overheat protection safety cut-off device.

Make Use of an Electric Fireplace Year-round -With its vibrant flames, this electric fireplace can create a cozy atmosphere. There are also five different brightness modes for the flames to choose from. Furthermore, the flame decoration can be used without heating.

This electric embedded fireplace is ideal to warm up your room, even a wonderful decoration for your room, and enlighten your home with this insert fireplace!


28.5 inch Recessed Mounted Standing Fireplace Heater with 3 Flame Option

● Realistic Flame Effect: Coming with 3 flame color optionsorange, blue, orange-blue mix, this electric fireplace can provide a cozy atmosphere with vivid flames. Also, there are 5 modes of the brightness of flames for you to choose from. Plus, the flame decoration can be used separately without heating.

● Adjustable Temperature and Time: With an Intelligent thermostat system, the temperature can be set from 62to 82to meet your needs. Coming with a timer, the fireplace sets you free by turning on and off at a previously selected time and automatically working from 0 to 8 hours.

● 2 Modes of Heat Setting: You will be provided with 2 modes of settings from this wall-mounted fireplace. A low-temperature mode of 750 W (2559BTU) and a high heating temperature mode of 1500W (5118BTU) keep you warm in winter.

● Safe to Use with Different Ways: It is convenient to operate the heater both manually as well as by remote control. And the electric fireplace has gained certification from ETL and is equipped with a safety cut-off device for overheat protection.

● Various Installation Modes: The fireplace not only can be wall-mounted but also can be embedded in the wall. . Please pay attention to the dimensions of your TV stand and cabinet.


28.5 inch Recessed Mounted Standing Fireplace Heater with 3 Flame Option

28.5 inch Recessed Mounted Standing Fireplace Heater with 3 Flame Option

28.5 inch Recessed Mounted Standing Fireplace Heater with 3 Flame Option


This supplementary fireplace comes with 2 heating settings—low temperature of 750 W and high temperature of 1500 W. The realistic flames cater to your preference with 3 color choices and 5 brightness options. Automatic thermostat and timer avoid you from getting up from an already cozy place. Equipped with remote and LED display, your convenience is always important to us. The addition of remote control with the panel gives the comfort of operating and changing the settings of the heater from the couch or bed. And looking from the safety side of the device, we have gained certification from ETL. The overheat protection device will safeguard your home from any harm.


So own yourself a modern realistic fireplace at your home and enjoy the warmth atmosphere.

Provide you with 3 colors of flames—orange/blue/O&B mix

Flames has 5 modes of brightness for you to choose

Realistic and flickering flame with burning logs in fireplace

Offer you 2 heating modes of low (750 W) and high (1500W)

Timer sets the electric fireplace works automatically

Thermostat maintains the temperature to range from 62F to 82 F

No dust and other harmful gases produced by the fireplace

Remote control with battery adds convenient usage

Be inserted into wall or cabinet in your living room or bedroom

180 cm(about 71 in) power cable to connect power

Safe to use with certification from ETL and overheat protection device.












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