The Best Way to Pack Picture Frames and Mirrors

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience. You get to explore a new neighborhood, decorate your home, maybe buy some furniture, and more. However, planning and organizing the move is also very stressful and time-consuming. You have to coordinate many things, and the truth is, packing can be the most challenging part (especially if you’re moving something fragile like artwork and glass objects). Of course, there’s a solution for everything! If you’re wondering about the best way to pack picture frames and mirrors, these few tips can help you.


Caption: Because they’re fragile, packing picture frames and mirrors requires special attention and preparation. 

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Packing preparations 

Essentially, relocation is a process that can be divided into three main stages. The first one is planning and preparation. It’s everything that you need to do before the moving day. The second one is the move itself. The last stage is unpacking, cleaning, and everything that comes after moving in.

Packing is the most critical part of the preparation process. It also takes time and planning. It’s not just putting your stuff into boxes and labeling them. It can be, but then you run the risk of breaking things.

Before packing, Zippy Shell Columbus recommends decluttering. Decide what you will be packing and what you are throwing away. After that, separate fragile things (picture frames, mirrors, artwork, plates, glasses, etc.) from non-fragile ones (clothes, pillows, books, etc.). YOu should pack them differently!

Gathering supplies for packing 

Most people think that simple cardboard boxes and duct tape will do the job. While you can use them even for breakables if you are extra careful, it’s better not to risk it. The best way to pack picture frames and mirrors (and other fragile stuff) includes investing in proper supplies!

Today, a wide range of specially designed packing materials for moving are available. If you use the right supplies, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your possessions. Everything will be properly transported. 


Caption: The best way to pack picture frames and mirrors requires investing in quality packing supplies.


Best way to pack picture frames and mirrors 

Your household consists of many different objects. As we mentioned earlier, some of them can be very fragile. It’s only natural to pack them differently and use various supplies. Picture frames, mirrors, and artwork require extra protection.   

Of course, if you don’t feel like organizing everything alone, you can always hire professional moving companies. They will handle the packing of fragile objects as well. Hiring movers has its benefits, but we understand that some people prefer to handle the packing by themselves.

Packing necessities for fragile objects 

Without the right boxes, you can’t move things like mirrors and picture frames. If you pack them without any added layers of protection, chances are they’ll break. So let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll need.

• Mirror and picture boxes – These boxes are made for storing, moving, and shipping delicate objects such as mirrors or framed artwork. They’re specially designed to keep the item safe with a protective shell. The best way to pack picture frames and mirrors requires proper supplies such as these boxes.
• Packing tape – Make sure to purchase quality and durable packing tape. This way, your boxes will stay closed and put together during the transportation. 
• Glassine – Glassine is a special type of air, water, and grease-resistant packing paper. It will protect delicate objects from scratches (better than a regular plastic wrap).
• Packing paper and bubble cushioning – Packing paper and bubble cushioning are used to fill the empty space between the item and the box. This layer of protection keeps the object in place while in transport. 
• Corner protectors – As the name says, they protect corners of frames and mirrors and keep them from braking while moving. 

• Marker – This one may seem obvious, but it’s good to be reminded. You need to label your boxes so you can find them easier later.


Caption: If you need help packing fragile items like picture frames and
mirrors, you can always hire professionals.


Packing picture frames and mirrors: a step-by-step guide


1. Gather all the supplies. Ensure that you have everything at hand and not waste any time searching for the things you need. 

2. Place a protective layer on the top of picture frames and mirrors. You can decide what will be the protective layer since there are a few options. Use bubble cushioning or Glassine, or even better, both! Put them on the top of the glass and secure them with the tape. 

Some people prefer to use cardboard or foam board. Cut a piece that is bigger than the object, place it on the top of the glass and secure it with the packing tape.

3. Put corner protectors on picture frames and mirrors (if necessary). 

4. Put the packing paper on the floor, then lay the mirror or picture frame glass-side down on the packing paper. Wrap it carefully and secure it with the tape. Keep in mind that one layer may not be enough. If the object is delicate, wrap it a few more times.

Also, consider adding an extra layer of bubble wrap. This is not always necessary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you add bubble wrap, ensure it’s properly secured with the tape.

5. Now, put the packing paper inside the picture/mirror box. This will make an additional layer of protection. 

If the mirror or picture frame is large, pack it separately in individual boxes. Smaller items can be packed together. Just make sure to position them vertically. 

6. Put the packing paper and cushioning around the object to fill the rest of the gaps and prevent movement.  

7. Seal the boxes shut with tape. Label the boxes “FRAGILE.” It would be best to make this label visible on all sides of the box.

You can use some of these supplies for packing other things as well. Not only mirrors, picture frames, and artwork require special care. Things like electronics can be equally sensitive. You can use the same supplies and similar techniques to pack small appliances for moving. 

Finally, ensure that the boxes containing fragile objects are well placed in the moving truck. If you hired a moving company, tell them if some of the boxes include especially delicate items and need to be treated with special care. This way, they will be more careful when loading into and off the truck.


Caption: Let the moving company know if some fragile items need special attention.


One of the most critical parts of moving is packing. Make sure to pick the best way to pack picture frames and mirrors (and other fragile items), and you won’t have to worry about seven years of bad luck!
Meta: Packing delicate items for the move is not an easy task. Here’s one of the best ways to pack picture frames and mirrors (and other fragile items) and transport them safely.