The Perfect Vanity Table to Keep Your Things Organized

The vanity of a woman is an important aspect of her beauty routine. The right vanity can do a lot for you, from storing expensive makeup and jewelry to providing quick access to necessities on a rushed morning. How do you choose the best vanity?

Okay, so the bathroom is the most commonly used location for getting ready. I see what you mean. The bathroom has a convenient outlet for drying your hair or charging your phone, a sink for cleaning up both major and minor smudges, a counter for storing a sweeping mess, and a nice, large mirror.

I’m here to convince you, however, that storing and applying makeup in the bathroom is a huge, time-consuming mistake. It’s time to finish your morning routine. There are numerous ways to enhance the fun, functionality, and style of your dressing-up game.
It doesn’t have to be a mad dash for cosmetics and jewelry to get ready for the day. It can actually be a stress-free, enjoyable experience before you step out. You may be a busy working person or a stay-at-home parent who appreciates a quick 10-minute me-time to look fresh and ready for the day.

How do you pick the best vanity?


Is space a problem for you? If so, you can rule out tri-fold mirrors and full-wall vanities. Consider vanities with folding storage or vanities with full-length mirror cabinets. The latter has the added benefit of being easy to move around the house as needed.
Budget: Believe it or not, but vanity units are just as expensive as any other piece of furniture these days. 

Size of Your Collection

If you, like yours truly, have a sizable jewelry collection, you’ll need a secure location to store it and protect it from open exposure to the elements. A vanity with personalized storage spaces would be ideal for your needs.


How well does your bedroom’s lighting work? Because makeup is all about experimenting with how light falls on your face, bright lighting is required to make the best use of your vanity. As a result, most people have separate lights just for their vanity. Mirrors with bulbs and table lamps are popular choices.


The material of your vanity should be chosen based on where it will be placed. For example, while a wooden vanity would look lovely in your room, putting it in the bathroom or near a window would shorten its life. Furthermore, pure wood vanities may be a little pricey for your budget.

What are the things you want within easy reach when you get dressed?

Make-Up / Beauty Products

When it comes to using a dressing table, having the right storage can make all the difference. By utilizing functional storage, you can ensure that everyday necessities are easily accessible and less frequently used products are neatly stored away.


Perfume bottles are typically luxurious and elegant, making them ideal for display. Putting them all on a tray makes a lovely display and makes it easy to access the perfume. Adding perfume bottles as decorative pieces to a dressing table creates a lovely focal point.

Jewelry / Accessories

Although gold and sterling silver jewelry should be stored in their boxes to avoid discoloration caused by contact with other metals, particularly perfume, we all have those special pieces of jewelry that we wear on a daily basis. Displaying these items in small dishes or trays adds a delicate touch to the decor.


A mirror that is large enough to be functional while remaining small enough to be easily maneuvered is essential for any dressing table. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing the right mirror.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect vanity for you, the only thing left to do is bring it home.

Vanity Dressing Table Set with 10 Dimmable Bulbs and Cushioned Stool

360° Rotatable Mirror with 10 LED Lights: Equipped with 10 LED bulbs, you can adjust the brightness infinitely according to different scenarios. The angle of the rotatable mirror can also be changed at will for the best makeup effect. Sitting in front of the mirror, you will feel like a movie star.

Superior Material and Sturdy Structure: This dressing table is made of premium MDF material with solid pine wood legs for reliable support and durability. The outer layer is coated with paint, smooth for comfortable touch and easy for cleaning. The anti-skid pad ensures extra safety.

Lots of Storage Space: With 3 large drawers, 2 small desktop drawers, and a long drawer with dividers, this vanity table allows you to store any beauty essentials. Large cosmetics like eyeshadow compact can be put in the drawers while small items like nail polish, earrings or lipsticks can be stored on tabletop boxes.

Comfortable Premium Stool: This vanity set features an upholstered high-end stool, filled with high elasticity and a thick sponge to provide you with a comfortable makeup environment. The ergonomic height of the stool will reduce your sedentary fatigue. While the stool can be completely placed under the table to save space.

Simple Assembly and Ideal Gift: With detailed instruction, you can quickly assemble this dressing table. Simple and modern style can match any room style, such as bedroom, bathroom and corridor. Its superior and attractive texture will definitely be a good gift for female friends.


10 Dimmable Light Bulbs Vanity Dressing Table with 2 Dividers and Cushioned Stool

10 LED Lights of Adjustable Brightness: This great vanity set features 10 LED lights with endlessly adjustable brightness. The natural soft white light will illuminate your skin tone with accuracy, giving you warm visual effects. The unique memory feature guarantees that the last adjusted light is still displayed when the light is turned on.

5 Large Drawers and Detachable Organizers: Spacious desktop and 5 drawers have sufficient storage space for your cosmetics. 6 desktop compartments and 2 DIY dividers in the middle drawer will help you properly classify your items so that you can use space effectively.

Durable Structure and Solid Wood Legs: The pine legs of the dresser and the rubber legs of the stool ensure the stability and solidity of the vanity set. The safety design of the anti-slip and anti-slip mats not only prevents the dresser from falling over but also protects the floor from scratches.

Premium Comfortable Stool: This padded stool is made of high-quality flame retardant sponge and fabric. Proper height and soft cushioned seat will relieve the fatigue and give you a more comfortable make-up experience.
Easy to Assemble and Clean: You can easily assemble all the parts by following the instructions in a short period of time. The smooth and flat surface makes it easy for you to clean with a duster cloth.


Makeup Vanity Table Set 3 Color Lighting Dressing Table

 With Adjustable LED Light and 4 Drawers: The LED light with intelligent touch sensor can be adjusted to three colors: warm white, warm yellow, and cold white. This natural light illuminates your true skin tone at night, creating a perfect makeup look. There are 4 sliding drawers to provide ample storage space for all personal toiletries, jewelry, and accessories to keep your table clean and neat.

Stylish and Elegant Design: Round mirror makes the whole table more elegant and stylish, easily fit for any decor designs and room color, perfectly matches your other furniture. A romantic vibe and perfect dressing space help you to start your day with style and chic.

Sturdy Structure for Durable Use: The vanity dressing table set adopts 100% solid wood as legs to enhance stability and robustness. In addition, the table set has a stable construction and large weight capacity, the dresser can hold up to 110 lbs and the cushioned seat is capable of holding up to 220lbs!

Removable Top as a Writing Desk: It can create a personal make-up space and plenty of storage for you when used as a makeup table. When the top removed, the tabletop gives wide space for you to use it as a writing desk or computer desk. This is a super functional dual-use vanity set.

Thick Soft Padded Stool: The thicker padding is nicely bonding with high-grade fabric and super comfortable to sit with high resilience, which is also breathable for all seasons. The bottom of the stool has a non-slip mat, so you don’t worry about sliding, and it also prevents scratches on the floor.


Industrial Makeup Dressing Table with 3 Lighting Modes

Sturdy Frame and UL Certified Plug: Crafted out of solid density board, this vanity is sturdy with a strong load-bearing capacity for long term use. And the stool is capable of managing the weight up to 220 pounds. As the plug is certified by UL, there will be no worry about electrical safety and you may rest assured to use it.

Touch Control Mirror with LED Light: The big elliptical mirror is equipped with LED light, which enables you to do makeup in the dark. There are 3 modes available for you to switch nature light, warm light and cold light with a simple touch. Suitable light with never make your eyes sick, but instead, provides high definition reflection.

2 Large Drawers and Additional Storage Box: Comes with two large drawers, this vanity table provides enough storage space for cosmetics, accessories and other items. One of the drawers is padded with felt to protect your jewelry from scratching. Plus, the vanity table is also equipped with a transparent cosmetic storage organizer for storing your lipsticks and skincare products.

Comfortable Sitting Experience: Filled with the sponge of high elasticity, the seat cushion is soft and not easy to get collapse. It will relieve your whole day fatigue after work and bring you with a long-lasting comfortable feeling. The bottom feet of the stool is designed with a round shape, which will be less scratching to the floor.

Rustic and Multifunctional Design: Retro and concise appearance makes the vanity set more attractive and easy to match other furniture at the home. And the mirror is detachable, which means this vanity table also can be used for writing or reading. The set is a perfect gift for daughter, mother or friend.


Makeup Table Writing Desk with Flip Top Mirror

Both a Vanity Table and a Writing Desk: This vanity table can be used as a dressing table with a makeup mirror and also a writing desk or computer desk. CHARMAID vanity tables combine with simple and functional modern design concept.

Deep and Large Storage Space: This dressing table features 5 divided space for all items to stored. There are 2 drawers, one is big and large with 2 divided space, the other is deep drawer with super large storage. The wide desktop space and a deep hidden compartment are ideal for organizing your jewelry, perfume, and hair accessories.

Large Real Glass Flip Mirror: This large flip-top vanity mirror saves you space for an extra mirror placed on the desk. The real glass gives you a true reflection of yourself and the large-sized mirror features 12″ L x 13.5 “H. It gives you a wide view of yourself. This flip mirror keeps your space tidy and clean when the lip is closed.

A Stable Table with Steel Legs: Compared with the wood vanity legs, this steel leg is more sturdy and not easily damaged, and the horizontal bar in the middle ensures the stability of the four legs after installation and is not easy to shake. With proper care and maintenance, you don’t need frequent replacement.

A Nice Gift for Anyone: This table combines the computer desk and vanity table into one. The hardware we use for this vanity table set is rust-proof and can withstand long-term use, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. This vanity table will be your best gift option for your daughter and wife.

Makeup Vanity Table Dressing table and Cushioned Stool Set

Enlarge Storage Space with 3 Drawers: There are 3 drawers of different size to provide additional space for your cosmetics and essentials. It is easy to find the things when the items of same kind are placed together. Large drawer is equipped with two exquisite knobs and two small drawers have semicircular holes. Therefore, drawers can be opened or closed conveniently.

2-Tier Tabletop and High-Definition Mirror: The tabletop of the dresser is designed in 2 tiers with white smooth coating which not only adds the beauty to the dresser but also some items can be placed in higher place for taking easily. Besides, our large mirror will give a true reflection to help you complete a sophisticated makeup. Elegant Small Vanity Set is ideal for bathroom, master suite, or walk-in closet.

Sturdy Structure for Durable Use: Supports of the dresser and the legs of stool are made of pine wood to ensure the sturdiness and provide large weight capacity. There is a baffle between two legs of the dresser which adds stability effectively. With environmentally friendly coating, the surface of the set is scratch-proof and waterproof to prevent color-fading.

Comfortable and Multifunctional Padded Stool: The thick and soft padding is nicely bonding with the stool and super comfortable to sit on it with high resilience. At the bottom of the leg, there is a pad to prevent slip and scrap to the floor. And the stool also can be used separately as an ottoman and desk chair.

Easy to Assemble and Clean: Comes with an clear installation instruction and all required accessories, this makeup dressing table set is easy to install in short time by yourself even if you are a female. The surface of this set is waterproof and scratch-proof. Therefore, the set can be cleaned with cloth conveniently.


Makeup Dressing Table with Tri-Folding Mirror and Cushioned Stool for Women

7 Drawers and 6 Desktop Makeup Organizers: Designed with 7 drawers, 6 desktop organizers, this vanity set will give you more than enough space to store your cosmetics, brushes, hair accessories, and other beauty essentials.

180° Tri-Folding Mirror with 8 Hooks: The mirror of this makeup vanity table is tri-folding and the two sides of the mirror can be opened in line with the middle one. When the mirror is closed, you’ll find 8 hooks on the back of the mirror to store the necklaces.

Dual-Use Desk with Detachable Top: The dresser can be divided into two parts and the desk can be placed in a bedroom or study room for studying, reading, or writing.

Selected Materials for Durable Use: The legs of the dressing table and the stool are made of solid wood to ensure durability and provide a large weight capacity.

Easy to Assemble and Clean: This makeup dressing set is very convenient for you to assemble in a short time. The dresser set may be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth with its smooth, flat, and glossy surface.

Tri Folding Mirror Vanity Table Stool Set with 4 Drawers and Cushioned Stool

Detachable Top Mirror Stand and Multi-Function Writing Desk: This dressing table top mirror stand can be removed as a writing desk. When you take the mirror off, the dressing table will automatically become a writing desk and can be used as a standard table for your everyday study and office work.

Pretty Dressing Table with 4 Functional Drawers: The dressing table has 4 removable drawers, 2 on the mirror stand, and 2 large drawers on the table.

Tri-Folding Mirror Vanity Set: The tri-fold mirror is rather stylish and more popular than other 360-degree oval rotating mirrors. This size and volume are ideal for most people.

Moisture and Mildew Resistant Surface and Ergonomic Padded Stool: This table has a reasonably high-quality surface coating, efficiently avoids mold, and is moisture-proof, suitable for use in all weather conditions. In addition, the uniquely shaped stool suits your body well as you sit down and rest. The deeply cushioned seat reduces discomfort while sitting for a long time.

Superior Hardware and Hinge and Stable-Leg Design: The hardware that is used with this vanity table set is rust-proof and can withstand long-term use, minimizing the need for frequent replacement.


Vanity Makeup Dressing Table with Tri Folding Mirror and 7 Drawers

2 in 1 Design with Top: The detachable top of the vanity table makes it to be a vanity table or a writing table according to your preference.

Tri-Folding Mirror: The tri mirror can be rotated 180°in the left and right to see your all angles dressing and it can suit your different sitting posture.

Diversified Storage Function: The dressing table comes with 7 removable drawers so you will have enough storage space for your essentials and jewelry.

Durable with 100% Solid Wood Legs: The vanity table set uses 100% solid wood legs, so it is not easy to wobble and durable for a long lifespan.

Comfortable Cushioned Bench: The comfortable bench uses a thick sponge pad that is moderately soft and hard and won’t collapse or be too soft which can help you relieve fatigue.


Vanity Set with Tri-Folding Mirror and Cushioned Stool

7 Drawers and Spacious Tabletop: Equipped with 7 drawers and a shelf, there is enough storage space for you to categorize and place different kinds of cosmetics. The knob of the drawer is designed like an exquisite flower for easy opening and closing. On the smooth and ample tabletop, some of your daily accessories can be placed for convenient taking.

Two Tri-folding with One Rotated Mirrors: The two side mirrors of this makeup vanity table can be folded or opened in line with middle one. And the mirror in the middle can be pivoted at any angle to cooperate with side mirrors to get better light which allows you to get the most natural application of makeup.

Dual-use Desk with Removable Top: The top of the dresser can be detached and the rest of the dresser is a practical desk. It can be placed in your bedroom or study room for studying, reading or writing. The tabletop is larger than before and there are still five drawers to help you store some sundries

Selected Materials for Durable Use: The legs of dresser and stool are made of solid wood to ensure the sturdiness and will provide large weight capacity. The set is stable and not easy to be deformed. With environmentally friendly coating, the surface of the set is scratchproof and waterproof to prevent color-fading.

Soft and Multifunctional Padded Stool: The thick padding with nice printing pattern is bonding with the stool and super comfortable to sit on it with high resilience. At the bottom of the leg, there is a pad to prevent slip and scrap to the floor. And the stool also can be used separately as an ottoman, desk chair and so on.

Get ready to face the day in style with a vanity table from Costway. Discover the right vanity table for your style and bedroom online now.