Things You Need For Your First Apartment

Living on your own for the first time gives you a unique feeling of accomplishment. You get to start fresh in an empty apartment, building up your nest from scratch. Even though the things you need for your first apartment are many, in the beginning, try focusing on the essential items. After the place is equipped and functional for living, you can upgrade it with your favorite design trends and add some personal touches. Without a doubt, the internet will give you many ideas you’ll want to apply right away. However, be careful when prioritizing the necessities so as not to exceed your budget for this project. 


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Preparing a list

Before you start looking for the things you need for your first apartment, it is recommendable to make a plan. This plan should include a strategy and items necessary for every room of the house. Still, this is not as simple as just making a list of the things you need. You need to know what you’re looking for, combining style and practicality at the same time. That is the best way not to make a rash decision and throw away money you can use for smart home improvements and further upgrades. When making your item list:
  1. estimate your budget for this project,
  2. prioritize which room to make functional first,
  3. think of your preferable design and ideas,
  4. focus on the practicality of the things you plan to buy,
  5. explore online shops to get the idea of the prices and offers

Besides practical, the things you buy will be a part of your design layout.  Thus, make sure to invest in functional pieces that will be tasteful yet useful at the same time. Buying new items is the perfect opportunity to optimize the place by creating more storage space in your home. As you can learn from specialists, there are many practical storage options for an apartment when initially investing in innovative furniture with hidden storage space. In addition, when you no longer have the space for some things, you can try renting a nearby storage unit for your extra items.


Caption: Take a notebook and write down all the items you can’t function without. Afterward, decide where the extra money will go and what your next steps are when furnishing your dream home

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Bathroom essentials

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two most trafficked areas in every home. Therefore, equipping them with essentials is the first step when entering your new home. Luckily, most bathrooms already come with appliances you can’t go without, such as a washing and drying machine, so you only need to purchase some expendables. Ensure your toiletries are in order, invest in the new shower curtain, shower caddy, trash can, bath mat, toilet brush, and a plunger. After you’ve settled, think about creating extra storage space by using vertical surfaces. Hangers, racks, and shelves are a great way to have clear and clutter-free bathroom surfaces.

Whether you cook in your kitchen or not, every home should have some essential dining and cookware. Invest in basic dishes like plates, bowls, serving platters, glasses, mugs, pots, pans, cutting boards, and silverware. You need to be sure that everything you usually use for food preparation and preservation is there, from big appliances like the fridge and the oven to small devices such as mixer, microwave, blender, kettle, etc. The easiest way to see what you need is to track down your usual daily routine and think of the steps, appliances, ware, and other supplies you use when making coffee, breakfast, or any other meal of the day.


Caption: If you’re not a skillful cook, make sure to include a cookbook on the list of things you need for your first apartment

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A centerpiece of every bedroom should be a comfortable bed or at least a quality mattress. If you need some more time to think about the design or have enough money to invest in a full bed, start with a mattress pad, sheets, comforters, and pillows. The primary role of every mattress is coziness, to that’s what you should focus on.

Later, you can upgrade it with a nice bed frame with drawers and additional storing space or other preferred design. Beside the bed, every bedroom needs to have a nice dresser, where you’d keep your things. Make sure to have enough hangers as well. Poorly packed clothing creates clutter, so always be organized when it comes to storing it. It’s equally important to avoid wrinkling and damaging clothing during the relocation and afterward. A nightstand with a lamp would also benefit the space, as well as a curtain. Drapes or curtains in the bedroom will provide necessary privacy and the rest from daylight. In addition, the right color, pattern, and texture selection will give an accent feature, adding life to vertical surfaces.

Living room

The living room is the base of every apartment. It’s where you spend most of your free time when indoors. Moreover, it’s the place where you entertain your guests and create lovely memories. Therefore, it’s essential to dedicate special attention to it during furnishing. Start with a choice of comfortable seating. Find a nice-looking sofa that will match the idea of your interior design style and work around it. Add a cute coffee table, ottomans, bookshelves, throw pillows, and decor to complete the appeal of coziness. In addition, if you’re a fan of cable, buy a TV and install it on the wall. However, with a TV in a room, you need to be smart about arranging the furniture since you’ll have a new focus piece.

If your living room is also a dining room, you will need some dining tables and chairs. However, if you lack the space as most city apartments do, consider getting double-duty furniture. Instead of buying a typical bulky dining table, you can invest in a drop-leaf dining table. It occupies significantly less space but has the option of serving many potential guests when transformed.


Caption: Start with safe, neutral color furniture as the base for your design. You can always brighten up the place with a nice and colorful decor

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Putting all the things you need for your first apartment on the list and calculating the approximate costs of everything might shock you. Therefore, take a step-by-step approach, getting the items that are absolutely necessary first, and get the rest with your next paycheck. Alternatively, explore second-hand furniture options if you’re on a tight budget. It takes some time to finish the process, but it’s normal since apartments are constant work in progress. There is always something more to add, something else to improve, or a new trend to follow.

Meta: The things you need for your first apartment are many, so you need to acquire the essential items first before furnishing the rest of the home