Tips for furnishing your vacation rental

Furnishing your vacation rental might seem like an exciting task. Still, some people struggle with it once they start considering the furniture they have at their disposal, their time, budget, etc. In fact, the pieces that you put into your vacation rental might be a deciding factor when it comes to people renting your place. 

If done right, the interior decor and the furniture inside your vacation rental could put you one step ahead of your competition. This realization might put pressure on you to decorate your home in the best way that you possibly can. For this reason, we have noted down a few tips that should help you decide which furniture fits best into your specific vision about how your vacation rental should look like, so let’s dive in.

Create a ‘furniture checklist’ for your short term rental home
The first step toward perfectly decorating your vacation rental is to delineate what you already own, which furniture you want to keep, and what is missing at the moment. This will give you a clearer idea about what kind of furniture could potentially fit into the space you have at your disposal. Some people even like to draw a blueprint that marks the surface area of all the rooms in your accommodation.
In this way, organizing your bathroom, for instance, becomes a whole lot more manageable and structured. Namely, it is easier to go shopping for new furniture if you keep tabs about the size of pieces that you plan to keep in the accommodation. Using this strategy allows you to keep track of measurements, minimizing potential mistakes and cumbersome rearrangements or returns to the store.

Once you are done furnishing your vacation rental, you can use the checklist or the blueprint of your rental vacation home to decide on details such as artwork, lamps, carpets, and other smaller decorative pieces.

Furnishing your vacation rental depends on who your guests are

When deciding how your vacation rental should look, the main point to consider is your target demographic, that is, to whom you want to rent the place. If you have more than one room, you might decide to cater to families, for example. Then it makes sense to establish a homey, cozy vibe that will attract parents with small children to rent your place. Also, you could make your short-term rental even more family-friendly by placing colorful furniture for children.

On the other hand, if your vacation rental is smaller, you could cater to couples and honeymooners. If so, your furniture can be clean-cut and modern, yet cozy so that your accommodation sends off good and comfortable vibes to potential visitors.
Either way, be sure to figure out in which direction you want to decorate and, consequently, how you want to market your vacation rental. This will allow you to avoid making some unnecessary mistakes, such as buying a large dining-room table for a home that is intended to receive only 2-3 people.

Have a clear interior design vision
As we mentioned, you should keep the profile of visitors you want to attract in the back of your head when you are shopping for furniture and decoration. This is, of course, indisputably practical, but what you might also want to consider is creating a clear vision about the kind of color schemes, materials, patterns, and other essential design elements you want to aim for. 
Sometimes people become overwhelmed when they enter large furniture salons with myriads of colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. Buying the piece of furniture you observe in isolation might seem like a great idea on the spot but might be entirely out of place once paired with everything else in the room. 
Therefore, try to stick to a single design style – this will help you make coherent, logical, and appealing furnishing decisions.

Consider your budget in terms of your plans for the vacation rental
Once you are set on what you need to buy and who you are designing the place for, you should consider your budget. You can do this even before you make a list of necessary furniture that you need to procure. Also, your interior design aims and wishes will probably be a deciding factor when it comes to your spending. 
On the one hand, you could set your budget according to retail prices. On the other, there is always the option to scout second-hand furniture shops in search of more affordable furnishing. 
However, even if you plan to overhaul the place entirely to bring your exact vision to life, it might be best if you do not get rid of all the furniture that occupies the space at the moment. It is better to pack stuff you don’t need anymore and place it into a safe storage unit in the vicinity of the accommodation. 

Essentially, plans change, and what you consider to be inadequate furniture at the moment could come in handy in some cases. For example, you might receive a request to accommodate a greater number of people than what your capacities allow you. In this case, having a backup bed or couch could resolve the matter quickly and affordably.  

Choose sturdy, good quality furniture
You should approach furnishing your vacation rental in a prudent way. A few years down the line, cheap and low-quality furniture may start to look shabby and unappealing to the eye. Hence, investing in well-built pieces is decidedly more efficient in the long run, and with good maintenance and care, the furniture will last for many years to come.
If you gauge that you do not have enough resources to buy brand new quality furniture for the entire vacation rental, you might want to consider transporting the pieces that you already own until you save some money from your first visits. In this case, it is best if you contact Mod Movers CA, or another reliable moving company, to make sure that no damages occur during transportation.

All in all, we hope these tips for furnishing your vacation rental have helped you figure out how to approach the matter. We wish you all the luck with your short-term rental endeavors!