Tips for surviving summer home renovation

The time has come for your living space to get a new look, to breathe new life into it. However, this task often brings more anxieties than enjoyment since renovating a home can be a long and exhausting process. It requires excellent organization, thorough financial planning, and making a series of decisions. The summer is a perfect time to undertake this project since the higher temperatures and more daylight create excellent conditions for remodeling. However, some challenges come with this, as well. To help you along, we bring you the best tips for surviving summer home renovation.


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Why is the summer a perfect time for home renovation? 

Why is this the time when most people opt for remodeling their homes? In terms of contractor availability and favorable weather conditions for both you and the contractors, the summer is the best time to renovate. You will be able to get all the home renovation supplies that you need, too. It offers the ideal weather for work because there’s no rain, dirt, or ice to get in the way. It also allows for you and your family to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. When the space in your home is out of order, you can move some functions outside.  


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Furthermore, your home will be ready for the holidays promptly, which is critical, especially if you plan on hosting some events at your place. It offers enough time to get away from the hustle and bustle and get settled in.

How to survive a summer home renovation?

When you decide to undertake a summer home renovation, there are many things to keep in mind if you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. You will need to plan your schedule, figure out your sleeping, eating, and bathing arrangements, rent a self-storage. The last one is particularly important. You must find a way to keep your belongings out of the house because it will be safer for them and easier for the workers. The following tips should hopefully help you make the project quick and stress-free.


Planning is essential in any home improvement or a larger project. With your big summer makeover, you’ll most likely also be making significant adjustments to the plumbing and electrics, so consider how you’ll shower and eat during the renovation if you stay on site.  It’s hard to predict every scenario, but staying organized and developing a detailed work schedule can help. You and the renovation team need to be on the same page regarding what has to be done where and when, allowing you to design your living space around the project’s requirements. Pre-warning any neighbors who the renovation work may impact, particularly the coming and departure of contractors, should be a part of the planning process too.


You should clear the room of any unnecessary stuff before beginning a large renovation job. That means now is a wonderful opportunity to have a yard sale or sell your unwanted things on resale sites. You’ll have fewer items to pack or transfer from room to room throughout the remodeling, and you’ll have more money to contribute to the project. And it being summer makes the chances of selling all of your things much bigger!

Get away from the jumble

It’s natural to want to find someplace else to reside if you’re without a bathroom, a roof, or a few walls for days. Thankfully, during the summer, life slows down a little. Summer break is also a great time to go on a family trip because the kids are out of school. You can take advantage of this opportunity to move away from the chaos.


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However, it is critical that you leave everything ready and organized before leaving. You must also ensure that you keep track of the ongoing project regardless of where you head out to. Being away from home allows the contractors to work more efficiently and with minimal interruptions. Furthermore, construction zones are prone to mishaps. If you have children, they are considerably safer when they are not near the construction site. Baby safety is always a number one priority. 

A place to cook

If you decide to stay on the site, it is crucial to have a safe food preparation and consumption location, especially if you’re working on a long-term construction project. Of course, eating out or ordering in can be enticing, but those expenses can quickly add up and are rarely incorporated into the overall expenditures. Since it’s summer, a BBQ grill is an excellent way to take advantage of the weather to organize meals while avoiding noise and dust from the construction site.

Rent a storage unit

It goes without saying that when you undertake a renovation project, you will need to remove your furniture and belongings from the areas that are being renovated. So, find a storage provider at a convenient location and rent a unit. Although it may increase your costs, you should find a suitable solution like a secure storage facility to maximize the available living and working space. Portable storage units can also be secured and put in the driveway, ensuring that your belongings are safe and accessible during the remodeling.


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Minimize your trips to the store

You don’t want to waste time in the home center picking up goods on a hot day during your summer remodel. To avoid that, order as many construction materials as possible before the project begins. Although you’ll undoubtedly have to go to the store, you can reduce your trips to the store to a minimum by keeping a precise, ongoing list of the equipment and materials you’ll need as the project progresses.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but priorities can get lost in the shuffle of a thousand decisions you’ll be faced with during your home remodel. It will be easier to get through the process if you stay focused on what is most important. As we have already mentioned, you should also find the time to relax, make the best out of the warm weather or go for a swim. Taking the time to unwind will make all the work you need to do less tiresome. 

Good luck with surviving your summer home renovation!

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