Everybody has their own set of friends but, among those friends only a few or just one of them you can consider as your true friend.

How would you define a True Friend? It may vary, some would say a shoulder to cry on, someone who has your back, someone who is always a helping hand, someone who will never leave you in good times or bad, someone who accepts you and a so on.

For me, A true friend is someone who knows you inside out, someone who accepts your flaws, someone who tells you the truth, someone who is a keeper of secrets even when you have misunderstandings, someone who is trustworthy, someone who leads you to the right direction, someone who keeps his/her presence in your life and someone who can give you unconditional love. 

I have a lot of friends, from childhood friends, classmates in school, neighbors, colleagues at work, social media friends, and those I meet along in travels,but for true friends I only have a hand full. These are the people who I consider as family. In tough times and good times they have been with me. In my best and in my worst they have supported me. They are the people worth keeping in my life.

A True friend(s) is hard to find it takes time to know who she/he is when you experience the down side of life then you would know among the many friends you have who will stay with you to the end.  Experience wise, I had some many friends especially during the height of my career, when all was well and when life was good. But, when time came that I was at rock bottom the many faces which where with me in the happy and good times I could not find. Their were only a few who stayed with me then, did I realized these are the people who I can cherish and are worth keeping in my life.

“No man is an island” – John Donne, Its true, in our existence as human beings we need good friends true friends in our emotional life. It is necessary for us we are not self-sufficient. Life is more meaningful and worth living with good and true people in it.

“True friends are those rare people who come to find you in dark places and lead you back to the light.“