Type of Jobs Available in Casinos


With the ongoing population growth and the creation of fewer employment opportunities, finding a job takes time and effort. Job seekers pay much attention to the formal sectors, forgetting that the Gambling sector has a host of job options for every level. If you have not dropped your resume at a casino, here are few job descriptions to keep you informed, should you wish to apply.

Entry Level Positions

You don’t need to worry about lacking skills and experience when casinos have tons of entry-level jobs. Some positions that don’t require much expertise include:

Security Attendant

If you don’t mind the nightlife and bumping into drunk patrons, a job as a security attendant at a casino is a great place to start.

Duties of a Security Attendant
Like in every other premise, your job is to stop security breaches and protect the casino’s property. You also conduct security searches at the entrance and welcome guests into the building.

With a high school diploma, you are set for the job. However, some certifications, like first-aid training and experience with firearms, can give you an edge.

Player Assistant
If you have visited a casino, you have encountered a player assistant, always standing by in a visible spot or holding conversations with guests.
Duties of Player Assistants
As a player assistant, you are responsible for ensuring that the players enjoy their games and have a place to sit. You should listen to their question, provide answers and guide them around the machines.
Apart from a high school diploma, most casinos don’t have other requirements. Be prepared to learn on the job.

Mid-Level Jobs Positions

Mid-level casino jobs require some experience and knowledge of casino games, machines and operations.
Slot Technician
Casinos feature a wide selection of slot machines that require regular maintenance and troubleshooting, which is done by slot technicians.
Duties & Responsibilities
As a slot technician, you are expected to repair malfunctioning game machines and ensure they are working and operating properly.

You should have knowledge and skills on casino machines, games; including online slots and gaming regulations. Apart from a high school diploma, an electronic degree or similar qualification is an advantage.

Slot Supervisor
The slot floor is a vibrant space comprising guests and employees under the slot supervisor’s watchful eye. As a slot supervisor, you are on track to gain relevant experience to grow your career and qualify for managerial positions in the future.
A slot supervisor trains incoming slot interns, prepares work schedules, appraises employees,  resolves patron disputes, and handles cash counting at the slot.

Most casinos ask for a high school diploma and a few years of experience with casino slots.

Senior Level Positions
Casinos churn out large amounts of cash and provide some of the most lucrative managerial positions, including:
Table Games Manager
After slots, table games generate a reasonable amount of cash for casinos, and all table game activities fall under the mandate of the table manager.
Duties & Responsibilities
Table game managers ensure all activities comply with industry regulations and monitor table activities, giving recommendations to ensure maximum casino profits.


Every casino has its own requirements. Some prefer master’s degree holders and management experience. Table managers must have experience with casinos, with some jobs requiring a minimum of 5 years of experience dealing with table games. Besides, they should have sound knowledge of casino rules and regulations and excellent inter-personal skills.

Casino Manager
The casino manager is the overall head of casino activities. All departments report to the manager.
Duties & Responsibilities
The casino manager ensures that the casino employs adequate staff for daily operations. They ensure that industry regulations are followed in the casino’s operations and control cash flow to ensure operational expenses do not exceed budgetary allocations.

Casinos provide these and many more opportunities to further your career and add your skills. Remember to apply within your qualifications to stand the best chances at hiring. It does not matter if you get an entry-level position; with focus and determination, you can scale up the career ladder and land a top job.