Haunted houses on the Internet you shouldn’t dwell upon especially on Halloween

Halloween … is the second highest-grossing event in all of America. It is believed that all the ghosts and spirits roam around us in either human forms or their true forms on Halloween and that’s why the dress-up activities were introduced. Some think it is true and others think it’s just a pile of BS tied together to celebrate nothingness.

The media, however, knows how to take advantage of feelings and emotions – and just guess which feeling is the strongest for all living organisms? FEAR. If someone is scared their reactions can be highly absurd – go watch all sorts of mystery and horror thrillers. One more thing you might have noticed is their connection to Halloween. All horror movies and shows are more or less loosely made around the event of Halloween. And there’s a haunted house – always … just always! I wonder why is that I have never been to a haunted house ever in my life. I’d love to, though, but during the light hours. But what if it’s still scary and I just skip a beat or two and end up in the hospital because of my mind? When scared, our minds can manipulate us into seeing things too. Or maybe those things are already there? I don’t know, honestly.

Anyhow, so I searched up some of the most haunted houses in the U.S. using my Spectrum internet and I wasn’t surprised to find out that there were a lot of those. Literally, a lot! I had to reach out to Spectrum internet customer service to make sure if it was all true, such a Dumb thing to do.

As much as I want to be a ghostbuster, I would advise you to not at all visit any horror houses on Halloween – why because if you panic you might end up hurting yourself with or without the existence of anything supernatural around you.

 “A house is like a body. And every house has eyes and bones and skin. A face. This room is like the heart of the house. No, not a heart, a stomach.”

                                                                                                                            – Nell, The hauntings of hill house (2018)

Here are the 4 houses that I was most interested in and thus do NOT go to these alone or at all at night. We don’t want the evil spirits taking full control of your wits now, do we?

Winchester Mystery House

I honestly, wasn’t much impressed by the movie but the house truly is creepy, no? It’s somewhere in San Jose and you can totally get lost in the weirdly built house. It has about 160 rooms with a lot of staircases leading to nowhere but a dead end. So – if you go there the chances are that you would either panic when you can’t find your way out or if it really is haunted then again due to so many dead ends you’d end up becoming a ghost meal.

Franklin Castle

The house has around 80 windows so that’s good news because you can always jump out if you have no other way – but then again if there’s supernatural power in there can’t it just shift everything or get you with their eye movements alone? The four-story house is situated in Cleveland, Ohio, and was built back in the ’80s. What is it with the 80’s and haunted stories, ugh?

The house never let anyone live … literally digested whoever stepped foot into it. Either it carries bad luck or something supernatural in reality. The house is also rumored to have been a place to shoot pornography over the years.

The Myrtles Plantation

The house is publicized as “one of America’s most haunted homes” the fact that it sits on a hill kind of gives it an eerie feeling as well.  It was built in 1796 – a very common thing about people from the past is that they tried to make their houses as far away into the woods as possible. I wonder what the fascination must have been. I mean, yeah, nature is awesome but come on! If no one lives there – there are chances of danger no matter human or not!

The house is rumored to have been built over a burial ground. People say that the house has 10 ghosts although only one death was reported from the house. The owner was shot and he died trying to climb the stairs. They found him dead on the 17th stair – people still hear dying footsteps in the house.

Lemp Mansion

Nothing as ghostly or scary in St Louis, Missouri as Lemp Mansion, people! Apparently, there’s a cave beneath the house that the owner used to use as a passageway to and from the house after the tragic death of his son and heir to the Lemp family. To make a long story short – all of Lemp family and their business is as good as their corpses. Cold and non- existent. It was like the family had a lot of misfortune and over the years one by one each one fell ill and lost the will to live.

With this said, it’s always nice to be curious – yes – but not over your dead body or anyone for that matter. Remember, curiosity killed the cat. Don’t be a cat. Be wise and know your chances and risks before you go anywhere.