How to decorate a blue christmas tree?

What does a blue Christmas tree mean?

The color blue has permeated houses for generations because it is frequently linked to feelings of calmness and serenity. It is one of the main colours that are enjoyed by the people for the decor of the festival. Today, we wanted to demonstrate how simple it is to include blue in your holiday decorations, particularly when it comes to one of the season’s most significant symbols: the Christmas tree. When it comes to Christmas, the color blue represents Mary, the mother of Jesus. Blue Christmas trees are used to show a peaceful festive time. 

How do you dress a blue Christmas tree?

Decorating a blue Christmas tree is not so easy and is not that tough too. All you need to do is look for some out-of-the-box ideas, and your trees are ready. Are you looking for the best ideas to make your Christmas tree look great then here are some quick ideas to help you out:

Step 1: Add Ribbon

The first thing you can do is add a ribbon to the tree. The ribbon can be of any color, but it is best to add a white ribbon as it blends perfectly. Use ribbons that do not shine or have glitters on them. Rather use the one that can look classy with a simple finish. If you want to make it look quirky, you can look for ribbons with glitters. The golden or silver color will look the best on your tree and make it look mesmerizing. Make sure you start from the top and spread it evenly across, or the tree might get imbalanced and fall off. 

Step 2: Hang Large Ball Ornaments

The next thing you can do is shop for ornaments that look like large balls. The large ball ornaments look classy and add a perfect finish to your Christmas tree. Look for colors that blend perfectly with the blue theme, and this will make your Christmas tree look the best. There are several different ornaments that you can look for. Why not try out large balls in glittery blue and small ones in silver or white. The next thing you can look for are balls with a touch of golden color so that the three colors can blend in easily. You can hang a lot of small balls at the bottom and then go for fewer options at the top. 

Step 3: Add Specialty Ornaments

Now you need to work out o the special ornaments you have purchased, keeping the blue Christmas tree in mind. You must understand that you cannot go ahead and put anything on the tree. There needs to be a proper blend in the colors. Else your blue Christmas tree will not look proper and will also not have the right impact. 

Let’s face it; it’s typically far simpler to obtain round decorations than ornaments in unusual shapes or colors, like blue. However, adding those non-round Christmas ornaments may liven things up and provide visual variety to your holiday decorations. It’s common for ornament sets to include circular decorations of various sizes, which is wonderful, but it won’t hurt to include a few more.

Step 4: Hang Crystal and Glass Ornaments.

Your Christmas tree will be all set in just a few moments now. The next step is that you must add crystal and glass ornaments to your tree. The crystals can be a blue color and white color to match the theme that you have decided on. The ornaments can be anything that you want but just make sure they should not be too loud. A blue Christmas tree shows and depicts a calm aura and hence must not have colorful or glittery ornaments but must have classy crystals that will make it look the best. 

Step 5: Tie Bows On The Branches

Bows look the best on the Christmas trees, and you must use them too. You can use glittery bows or simple bows. Ensure that you properly add them and do not throw them anywhere. They must be spread across so your tree looks symmetrical and perfectly sorted. You can look for blue and silver color bows and can also loo for white ones. Perfectly use them and make your trees look the best. The bows can be of different sizes, but it is a good idea if you go for bows in normal size. 

Step 6: Add The Tree Topper

It may seem strange to put the topper on before the decorations, but consider this: if something goes wrong, you don’t want to be calling “Timber!” on a tree covered in priceless glass ornaments. Your tree’s theme and appearance will influence the type of topper you select, but here are some common choices:

  • A star
  • a fabricated bird
  • a synthetic flower (choose your favorite one)
  • the angel
  • a lovely bow
  • imitation berries and leaves for holly
  • an enormous snowflake
  • a cross of Christ
  • a Tiara or Crown

Step 7: Place Christmas gifts at the bottom

Last but not least, you can add many gifts to the tree’s bottom. This will make the entire decor look classy and complete. You can get the gifts you got for your loved ones and pack them up in blue and silver wrappers. Place them in a group and surprise your family members with them. 


One of the most popular colors for Christmas tree decorations is blue. The color is lovely to look at by itself and goes well with many other hues, from red to shining silver. By including blue in your holiday décor, you not only create the mood for a calm and tranquil Christmas but also spare yourself the stress of deciding what hues to use for your tree this year. Tired of looking all over for the right quality and style blue christmas tree? Why not look at the collection of Costway and enjoy bringing the best-looking trees to your home. The exclusive collection comes in different shapes and sizes and offers appealing discounts for users.