What order to decorate a christmas tree

Your home is going to look the best when it comes to decorating and having a tree that looks perfect. It’s also no secret that decorating your fir, genuine or fake, during the holidays is somewhat of a religious tradition in most houses, so even the straightforward act of hanging decorations on every branch will undoubtedly unite the entire family.

How to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro

From the moment you take those boxes out of storage or choose your Normal fir until you put up the final touches, whether it’s a conventional angel or another adorable tree topper, excitement is released. This festive job will lift your spirits and make your house feel more cheerful, even if you are decorating alone this year.

Step 0 : Recognize the different species of Christmas trees

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right tree. There are different varieties of trees available online but the one which suits your decoration needs to be decided. 

Step 1: choose a tree & gather supplies.

Make sure the tree stands straight from top to bottom and fluff all limbs. 

  • ● Any issues may be resolved much more easily before the tree’s ornaments are put on.
  • The designers advise turning on the tree lights while you decorate.
  • You’ll probably need ornament hooks, floral wire, pipe cleaners, zip ties (for large or bulky objects), wire cutters, and scissors while adorning your tree.

Step 2: start at the top.

  • The Christmas tree topper, which is regarded as its crowning splendor and is typically very complex, sets the overall tone for its appearance.
  • It’s best to avoid getting anything on the very top of your tree, whether it be a star, angel, or another ornament. It can look extremely good to position it around a hand’s width below the tip-top, depending on your use. 
  • It may be fastened with zip ties or floral wire. It should seem more like it is buried into the branches if you connect it somewhat lower from the top than if it is floating on the tips of the branches.
  • Most objects, like a star or an angel, look their finest (and catch the most eye) when coupled with other objects, like picks and ribbons. 
  • Start the first layer of topper picks below the top of your tree, whether you’re using a star, angel, etc., by adding three long spiky picks.
  • Start the first layer of topping picks just below the top of your tree if you aren’t putting anything else on top.

Step 3: Add the garland.

Garlands give Christmas tree decoration ideas a luxurious, “more is more” appearance. For a charming classic aesthetic, use a traditional glass handcrafted Christmas garland. Remember that heavy glass garlands should always be installed after your fairy lights but before any ornaments are hung. Tinsel garlands may be added last and provide a more relaxed appearance.

Step 4: Add oversized decorations.

Gather your largest ornaments and spread them equally around the tree.  A huge, fluffy Christmas tree, especially artificial, may support more ornamentation at the top. Large decorations placed all over the tree, as long as they are color-coordinated, might look lovely if you strive for a more formal or contemporary decorating style. Use only smaller decorations on the upper half of the tree for a more casual decorating style.

Step 5: Add filler

  • Deep inside the tree, add less costly Christmas ornaments like basic, spherical ones. 
  • You’ll just catch a glimpse of them, but they’ll assist in reflecting the lights, give the tree a fuller appearance, and fill in any voids.
  • When the “outside” of the tree is not yet covered with other, larger decorations, it is simpler to hang these filler ornaments.

Step 6: Add ornaments.

  • After adding affordable ornaments to the tree inside, decorate the tree’s outside with the more expensive ornaments. 
  • Use a variety of decorations, big and tiny, but hang the biggest ones first, then the medium-sized ones, and last the smaller ones.
  • Instead of merely hanging enormous tree decorations on the ends of the branches, try nestling them a little bit into the tree.
  • Instead of using ornament hangers, pipe cleaners or floral wire works best for hanging ornaments. And you may use them again the following year!
  • When attaching the ornament to the tree, snug it against the limb rather than letting it hang.
  • Use decorations that are lengthy to help fill up open places.

Step 7: Add dimension with picks.

  • Adding picks all around the body of your Christmas tree will give it more dimension, fill in any holes, and make the tree look larger. 
  • The picks should protrude beyond the tips of the branches and be slanted differently, with some pointing downward, some upward, and others sideways as required.
  • To avoid seeing the tree’s underbelly, you might need to flip the picks closest to the top of the tree upside down.
  • Place a variety of picks at random places around the tree. Keep similar options from being too close to one another.

Step 8: Embellish the tree with extras

  • Once the tree has been decorated with all the picks, ornaments, and big pieces, add finishing touches like ribbon, light garland, and glitter tape.
  • Start affixing the glitter tape at the top but beneath the topper. Wind it around the tree like how you strung the garland in Step 3.
  • Allow the glitter tape to swerve and turn as you go because it has a mind. It looks so fantastic because of that!

Step 9: Safety tips

Make sure that you do not forget about keeping the Christmas tree intact and in a safe place as the tree has a lot of things on it, so it must be heavy. You must keep it in a place so that nobody gets hurt even if it falls by mistake. 

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