What To Consider While Buying A Cage For Your Pet Bird

A cage is a significant investment for any bird owner. It adds to the beauty of your house and can provide you peace of mind when your pet is in it. A cage also protects the birds inside it from external dangers like predators who may prey on them. If you are planning to buy a cage for your beautiful pet, here are seven things that will help you make an informed decision about buying one:



Cage size 
Size is an essential factor to consider before buying a bird’s cage because small or cramped cages can cause psychological and physical problems in birds. All the parrots need ample space for their flight, swinging, etc. Your bird will feel safe if it has adequate space to move around. You will always see parrots flapping their wings with joy when they get enough space; they even enjoy hanging upside down on swings, but this pleasure is not possible if put up in too-small cages. So the larger, the better.
Metal Used 
Suppose you are considering an Iron made cage. In that case, it is good to know that different iron grades are out in the market. Some of them are not safe enough for your pet bird because they contain a high amount of carbon content, which can cause serious health problems in birds because when the metal rusts, toxins from the corrosion get released into the atmosphere. Better quality metals are 304 grade, 316 grade, and aluminum cages are also good choices for bird’s cages because they are lightweight, but make sure that welding points are not sharp!
Type of Cage Construction 
Before buying a cage, check whether the bars on the cage door hinges correctly or not because if the door hinge is upside down, your bird can get access to the other side, which could cause big trouble. Also, look for gaps between the bars to be less than 1/2 inches because birds may get their heads stuck if there is too much gap, and it will undoubtedly lead to severe injuries, so it should be avoided at any cost. If you notice any bar missing or damaged, then do not buy this cage because when your bird is hanging its wings or playing inside the cage, it may catch hold of the damaged part and break it. So, check the strength before buying, and if you find any damage to parts like bars, base tray, etc., do not buy that cage because your bird’s life is more precious than any money! Also, make sure that each bar is securely attached with metal clips because there are chances of accidents if it comes off.
Wire Gauge 
Check the size of the wire used in manufacture; large wires can easily injure your pet bird, so always look for a small gauge. If you find any missing bar or bracket, immediately stop purchasing because these are very harmful to your bird’s safety, so repairing them is not a good option. Do not worry if you think the cage with smaller wire is costly, but you still want to buy it. Some reputed companies provide affordable prices of such products at discounted rates!
Cage Accessories 
Availability of accessories like perches, food bowls, water dishes, etc., can increase your bird’s life span because they promote healthy living and reduce boredom, just like we feel happy if we have all things around us, so our pet birds also feel comfort and pleasure in the presence of these things. Besides this, there is no need to search for perches and food bowls every time you serve food to save your valuable time. Black iron rods look classic and stylish as cage decoration, but they may injure your pet birds because their feet can get caught between the bars.
Cage Material 
A bird’s cage should be made of safe & non-toxic materials, so it is always better to have a stainless steel bird’s cage, but if you are planning to buy an iron one, check whether the coating used on its surface is rust. Resistant or not? If no rust proofing has been applied, do not buy it because eventually, this will lead to severe health problems for your pet bird!
Wrapping Up!
Cages are very helpful for pet birds to keep them safe and sound, so buy a large one for your lovely parrot because it can stay healthy and playful in its new home. Look for the accessories before buying the cage, but if you do not find any of them suitable for your bird’s needs, and requirements, you can contact the company via telephone or email. Also, ask about the shipping charges of that product. It will help you save more money on delivery costs.
So, don’t waste time thinking too much about this topic. Pick up some suitable cages right now at affordable prices from reputed companies with free shipping on all products without delay!