Why Buy A Mini Billiard Table?


Playing billiards/pool is a well known game around the world. But it’s not possible for all game enthusiasts to have a full-size pool table in their homes. Some don’t have the large space to fit in the 7 or 8-foot billiard table in their homes or the reason of budget constraint. No worries, mini billiard table is all here. 

Mini billiard table is fun for all ages. If you want to keep the kiddos away from video games or phones/tablets, or too cold for them to go outside to play. A mini pool table is a great way to give recreation for kids.

What is a mini billiard table:
A mini billiard table is a smaller and miniature version of standard pool/billiard tables found in bars and pool halls. The concept is still the same as the larger billiard/pool tables but in the smaller size. It still comes with the pool table, balls, triangle, and cues but in smaller sizes. It is also a good entry to prepare and train all your kids and your kids’ friends to play pool.

Different Types of Mini Pool/Billiard Tables:

Foldable Mini Pool Tables. It features foldable legs,  just tuck it up in the corner after playing the game.

Tabletop Mini Pool Tables. It is designed to be placed on an existing table to play. Mini table top may come with or without legs. If they have legs, they’re only few inches tall.

Standard Mini Pool Tables. It is a smaller version of the standard size of billiard/pool table. Cannot be placed on the table and the legs are not foldable.

Why get a mini billiard table:

Saves space. Unlike a standard size billiard table, a small pool table does not occupy much space, and it is handy that one can comfortably move elsewhere.

Easy to install.  Most of the mini billiard tables have a simple setup. All you need to do is to attach the legs and it’s ready for fun.

Affordable. Full-size tables are expensive and cost often thousands of dollars that making our jaws drop. On a budget? A tabletop pool tables are great for those who want to have one in their home, and without investing too much money.

There are lots of mini billiard table for sale in the market today, and Costway offers a mini pool table toy that surely your dear ones and friends will love.

24″ Mini Tabletop Pool Table Set Indoor Billiards Table with Accessories

● Billiard Enjoyment at Home: The small size of the pool table is customized for children. Now is a good time as any to provide your kids the joy of billiards. The fascinating game will not only develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also improve interaction with your kids.

● All around Safety: Soft tricot on the surface with bumpers along the sides, you are sure to enjoy a realistic bounce that mimics standard billiard tables. While the wide wooden legs with reinforced corner protection ensures stability and safety for kids to play.

● Portable Mini Billiards: At only 22″ in length and 12″ in width, the billiard pool set offers enough surface for one-to-one pool game of kids over 3 years old. It is also convenient to take anywhere while easy to store without taking up unnecessary space in your living room, playroom or bedroom.

● Coming with All Improved Pieces: This tabletop pool set is equipped with everything you need to play billiards, including 2 cues, 16 balls, 1 billiard chalk and 1 triangle. All these provide a more realistic overall pool-playing experience. Bring it to the party and make it a fun gift.

● Easy to Assemble: No special tools are needed during the installation process. Everything needed to set up the pool table is included in the package. Only you need to do is secure the legs to the table. You’re ready to play pool game in no time.


24″ Mini Tabletop Pool Table Set Indoor Billiards Table with Accessories

24″ Mini Tabletop Pool Table Set Indoor Billiards Table with Accessories

24″ Mini Tabletop Pool Table Set Indoor Billiards Table with Accessories


Shop at Costway to get mini billiard table which the whole family could bond over and have hours of fun.