Your Kid’s Dream Ride-On Car

Do you still remember the fun and excitement you’ve felt when you’ve had your 1st bike? Do you want your kids to feel the same way during their childhood? Then, this is your chance to see that same excitement in the face of your kids. Instead of being in front of gadgets all day long, which is bad for their health, this remote control jeep ride on will provide them with the fun learning experience to build their self-confidence by socializing with other kids and bonding with family. 

This kid’s remote control jeep is a good investment to help your child develop their imagination, balance, and coordination. Additionally, it will bring a huge smile to your kid’s faces. The features of the remote control jeep with mp3 will also make their experience more fun. The sounds encourage your child to practice perception, production, word recognition, and all important foundations for phonological awareness.

This remote control jeep for toddler can be both operated by remote control or manually by the child if he/she is old enough to drive it. It will allow your child to learn how a real car works. If you want your child to get the best out there, get this 12v remote control jeep 4×4. It will provide them a realistic driving experience that comes with LED lights and built-in mp3 music.


12V Kids Ride-on Jeep Car with 2.4G Remote Control

● Realistic Driving Experience: Your kids can simply accelerate, decelerate or brake by operating the realistic non-slip foot pedal. Designed for small hands, the steering wheel has rounded edges and a comfortable grip, complete with horn and engine sound buttons. And the windshield and rearview mirror also greatly increase the sense of reality. The stylish body of the ride-on car is made of safe and high-quality material, which is firm and durable. No child will refuse this perfect gift.

● Two Driving Modes: 1. Manual control by kids. Your child can control the car by steering and pedals. The ride on a car can be started or turned off with one click and has high and low speeds. Children can improve their independence and coordination through this driving experience. 2.Remote control by parents. The highly sensitive remote control can control the forward, backward, left, and right steering. And three speeds can be adjusted. Of course, parents can control the brakes with one click.

● Unlimited Music Choices: This kids’ ride-on car includes a multi-functional music player. This not only provides early education for kids but also makes driving enjoyable. In addition to built-in music, you can also use USB and FM radio. What’s more, the electric car for kids also supports audio, you can play a child’s favorite music, giving your child unlimited music choices. With various music and cool LED light effects, driving would be really fun.

● Safety and Stability Design: Electric car for kids offers comfortable seats for children over 3 years old. The adjustable seat belt keeps your kids safe. Non-inflatable wheels are made of wear-resistant and non-slip materials, suitable for all kinds of terrain, and can be used outdoors or indoors. Under the condition of pedal and remote control, the remote control gives priority to control, fully ensure the safety of children driving.

● Rechargeable Battery: The 12V battery-powered cars for kids are equipped with efficient and stable batteries. Two 35W motors provide sufficient power and long service life. There will be a power display on the console screen so that parents can check the remaining power at any time. The lower right corner of the steering wheel is equipped with a safe charging hole, which can be plugged into and charged directly for a safety upgrade. NOTE: Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.


12V Kids Ride-on Jeep Car with 2.4G Remote Control

12V Kids Ride-on Jeep Car with 2.4G Remote Control

12V Kids Ride-on Jeep Car with 2.4G Remote Control