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How to Beautifully Decorate a Mantel with a TV

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A TV over a mantel might make decorating it difficult. Keep the TV front and center to enjoy a stunning house with tonnes of TV mantel decorating ideas! It would help if you chose whether to place the TV above the mantel when moving into a new house. You may find out for yourself by looking at where the electrical connections are. But occasionally, it’s just a matter of choice!

But when the Frame TV appeared, it completely altered how decorators played the game. The age-old argument over whether to place the TV over the Costway Fireplaces was resolved. This television alters how a room is decorated around a TV since it displays art when it is not in use. However, even if you don’t own a Frame TV, there are plenty more ideas here. Additionally, you’ll discover how to style your mantel around any large antique television!

Top Tips:

In the end, you want to keep things straightforward. A large black box might be difficult to decorate around without overcrowding the area. Therefore, less is more! But before we look at inspiration, here are a few straightforward things to think about.

  • Place short, angular decor beneath the TV, and use bigger, taller decor of varying heights to anchor the sides. There is no need for the higher side design to be overdone, and it may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Any straightforward lantern, vase, or foliage will do.

  • Sconces should be added on the TV’s side. If you can’t hardwire it, use a battery-operated light bulb or candle, or have the lighting hardwired by hiring an electrician.

  • Use a Smart TV that showcases art, such as the Samsung Frame TV.

  • Completely conceal the TV. Make a cover for your TV if you prefer to view it only occasionally.

6 Mantel Decor Ideas with a TV

Upgrade to a Smart TV with Art

The BEST TV mantel decoration choice is this one. Please wait for a deal; it might not be affordable for everyone. Alternatively, save up your money and get a TV that shows art while it’s not in use. Then, since your work is the main attraction, you don’t need to add much in the way of decor! Although not within everyone’s means, it merits consideration because it is the simplest fix. As an alternative, some smart TVs also show art, but they cannot always be “on” or activated upon movement

Place Some Sconces Next To the TV As Mantel Decor

Sconces adjacent to the TV can have the same aesthetic effect as mantle decor! Sconces on either side of your television serve as a distraction and improve the overall appearance when they flank it. You won’t need to decorate with extra “things” if you use sconces as space fillers. If you have sconces, you could keep your mantel empty. Although you might not truly need the sconces’ light in your room, they will offer balance and atmosphere and make your Electric Fireplaces and mantle appear finished. We enjoy lighting a fire and turning on the screen next to the evening TV to create a pleasant, warm atmosphere. We always turn them on for mood lighting when entertaining. 

Consider the width of the mantel when hanging sconces on each side of a fireplace. Hang the pretty sconces over both ends of the mantle with ample space, not far out to the side, if your fireplace is very big and wide. On smaller fireplaces, sconces placed close to TVs should dangle about eight inches from the edge of the mantle.

Put Some Greenery As Mantel Decor With A TV

Greenery, the antithesis of technology, wins! Under a large, dark box, fresh vegetation seems pleasant and cheerful. The battle between the ugly screens dominating the room and anything living (or that appears to be alive) is the solution. Reduce the amount of vegetation overall. A collection in the middle of the screen or a vase with accents of greens on either side. Consider draping a lengthy garland across the entire mantel. A eucalyptus garland is attractive all year long, not only during the holidays.

Use Minimalist Items On Your Mantel Under The TV

Here, you shouldn’t go crazy with the decor, but occasionally, you need a few particular suggestions. Put no more than three things in a row on each side. Alternately, position two large, identical items on either side for symmetry. If you’re having trouble, symmetry is a simple method to solve the problem since it looks wonderful in design. Go light on the decoration of your mantel if you have built-in open shelves on each side that are decorated with things, so it doesn’t seem congested. Perhaps not as much mantel decor as you believe is necessary! Try placing a collection of objects on one side only if the mantel is too minimalist for your taste (some of us are maximalists!).

Vases, ginger jars, a stack of books, a frame, candles arranged in a group, lanterns, driftwood, giant shells, antlers, or a grouping of things in the same color family all work well. To keep your fireplace decor behind the TV appearing more put together, stick to only two or three hues and create an intentional, selected aesthetic. We utilized vases and jars in shades of blue, white, and green.

Size and Scale of Objects

It matters how big your decorations are. Use items that are manageable to compete with the TV. Additionally, avoid small items because they appear to be cluttered. Put low items in the middle and, naturally, taller items on the ends.

Trimwork In Place of Decor

Alternatively, you may utilize trim on your mantel and completely omit the decoration! This will provide intrigue and a focal point to your Indoor Electric Fireplaces. If the trim work (box molding, shiplap, etc.) is sufficient, the mantel decor is not required.  

Create a Gallery Wall

Place framed artwork and pictures around the TV for a gallery wall look. By doing this, you’ll notice the large black box less and pay attention to other areas of the wall instead! This is an excellent method for building a gallery wall around a TV! So even without a mantel, you can still put up a lovely display.

A gallery wall with large frames provides interest if all that is being done around the TV is being placed against a wall without a fireplace. While not a mantel, the concept is the same: maintain a space clear of clutter while adding bigger objects to enhance the room and draw attention away from the massive, unsightly black box. Please visit the website of Costway today and explore the wide collection of Indoor Electric Fireplaces online.

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