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Things to Consider Before Buying a Patio Umbrella

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Buying a Patio Umbrella that will provide shade in your yard to protect you and your patio furniture or table and chairs from sunlight or rain is essential. However, we need to think a lot of times first before getting one. We want to make sure that it is worth of our hard-earned money. With this, there are lot of things that needs to consider before buying such as materials used, size, design, and price. 


Choosing material of your outdoor patio umbrella is a big factor because this will determine if it lasts long. You will have a lot of questions such as: Are you looking for a material that will match to the color and landscape of your home?  Or you are much concern in durability during transition of season from sunny to rainy to windy?

Umbrella poles are usually made of wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. The most common material that you will usually see in different umbrella is aluminum.  If it was properly made with sturdy structure, it can support the umbrella perfectly. A wood will give a classic and timeless look to your outdoor area. Steel provides great strength and durability in premium umbrellas. Fiberglass is lightweight with an element of flexibility. As for the canopy part it is mostly made of high-quality polyester fabric, that offers in different colors. Which is waterproof and fade-resistant and can block most of the scorching sunlight to protect your skin from sunburn. It can keep in good condition even if it is exposed to sunlight or rain for a long time.


Umbrella comes with different sizes. First, please measure the size of the table or area that needs a shade so you will know the size of umbrella that you will need. Here's are the suggested sizes for reference. 

Table Size

Umbrella Size

30 Inches

6 - 6.5 Feet

48 Inches

7.5 - 8 Feet

54 Inches

9 Feet

62 Inches

10 Feet


Patio umbrella has different types of poles and shapes as well to choose from.

      Types of Poles

  • 1.Wall Mounted Pole -  The wall mounted umbrella is designed to be attached to a wall. It is suitable for multiply outdoor areas, including a garden, yard, patio, etc. 

  • 2.Center Pole - Center pole umbrella is ideal for a table area, where the pole is in the middle of your table. But please make sure to buy a recommended base that will fit to the pole for stability. 

  • 3.Offset or Cantilever Umbrella - You can rotate the umbrella as the sun moves and enjoy the shade in different areas without moving the base. It gives a shade away from the pole, allowing an ample of space under the canopy.  


Basic size of the umbrella are round, square, rectangle and oval. You may choose according to the shapes of your table.


Prices may vary depends on the above mentioned. Always consider all the factors to make sure that it will not give you headache afterwards.  Costway offer a different type of umbrella that starts from $54 up to $599. 

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