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2023 Wood Burning Fireplace Buying Guide

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Winter in Ottawa is once again approaching. And with it comes the requirement to turn on the heat and bundle up in warm clothing. Some individuals, however, are apprehensive about raising the thermostat since they know how expensive their heating costs will soon become. When this happens, fireplaces are useful. You only need to find the ideal fireplace for your requirements from the various methods you may utilize to remain warm this winter.

Lighting your first fall fire will help you welcome the winter weather and warm your house. You may start the chilly season comfortably without worrying about those terrible heating costs. If purchasing a new fireplace appeals to you, think over the information below so you’ll be prepared when you decide to start looking for Wood-Burning Fireplaces at a fireplace business close to you.

Budgeting for A Fireplace

The warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your house may all be improved with a fireplace. But while looking for a fireplace, like with other investments, you need to consider the following expenses.

Installation Costs An expert must do fireplace installation. Additionally, the installation price will depend on the type and size of the fireplace you install. Some installations call for ventilation, like a chimney, and clearing away wall space. However, installation won’t be as involved if you choose an insert and already have a fireplace.

Fuel Costs If you can get firewood from your land, fuel expenses for a fireplace that burns wood might be low. However, cutting your firewood requires time and effort. So, you must take this expense into account. Alternatively, you might purchase firewood from a nearby source. Whatever method you use, ensure you have a dry area to store your firewood so it can last the whole winter.

Maintenance Costs Chimneys require routine upkeep. At least once a year, you should include money in your budget for the expense of hiring a professional chimney sweep. To guarantee that their fireplaces are in excellent shape and are burning safely and effectively, fireplace owners should get yearly fireplace inspections and cleanings.

Are Wood Fireplaces Efficient?

Contemporary EPA-certified Wood-Burning Fireplaces are more energy-efficient than traditional fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. EPA-certified fireplaces draw fresh air from outside for burning and move inside the air around the firebox to provide the most heat. Additionally, they produce less air pollution than regular fires. A wood fireplace’s efficiency can also be increased by adding glass doors. These doors lessen the quantity of heated interior air drawn into the firebox. When the damper is open & the fire is dying down, glass doors are extremely helpful for keeping warm air in your house.

However, when the fire is burning at its highest heat production, keep the doors open to maximize its radiant heat.

Wood Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Make careful to clean your fireplace frequently to maintain it burning safely and effectively due to a buildup of air pollutants, and dirty fireplaces lower house air quality. These may result in headaches, coughing, and irritation of the eyes and throat. Another risk to fire safety is creosote accumulation in fireplaces. Cleaning creosote is essential to lowering the chance of a chimney fire.

Wood Stove Buying Guide:

Pick the right size wood stove What size wood stove do you truly require? The natural tendency of many first-time purchasers is to get the largest stove that is offered. Large fireboxes, measuring 3, 4, and occasionally even 5 cubic feet, and high heat outputs are common features of wood stoves for sale. However, they are typically unnecessary with contemporary insulation and the additional heat that most homes now have. Space heaters like wood stoves work best for heating a single area of your house.

It would help if you typically used a wood stove with a firebox between 1.5 and 2 cubic feet and maximum heat output of roughly 50,000 BTU/hr for heating an area of about 1,500 square feet. You should typically use a wood stove with a firebox between 2 and 2.5 cubic feet and maximum heat output of about 70,000 BTU/hr if you’re heating a bigger room up to 2,500 square feet.

Decide if you want a freestanding or fireplace insert

Free-standing stoves and fireplace inserts are the two primary categories of wood stoves available for purchase. Freestanding stoves are frequently built without pre-existing stone fireplaces, such as on a brick or tile floor or a hearth pad purchased at a store. These stoves may be ordered in various forms, such as high on a tower or pedestal or low to the ground with legs. Some free-standing stoves can be installed as hearth mounts in brick fireplaces, but fireplace inserts are ideal for fully incorporating a wood heater into a fireplace.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency Higher efficiency translates into less money spent on wood, less time spent lugging and cutting wood, and a more environmentally friendly result. Due to the inefficiency and wood waste of older wood stoves, several manufacturers choose not to disclose their efficiencies. To obtain the value for your money, search for wood stoves that have EPA-stated efficiency of 70% or above. During winter storms, efficient Wood-Burning Fireplaces reduce the amount of chopping, stacking, and visits to the woodpile.

Clean air and the new EPA regulations The era of potbelly burners that belched smoke is over. New clean air guidelines have set a high bar by limiting wood burner smoke emissions to only 2.0 grams per hour. However, some manufacturers are still making an effort to sell their outdated products before the cutoff. Look for wood-burning stoves for sale with EPA-certified emissions below 2.0 g/hr for the cleanest and most effective burn.

Catalytic or non-catalytic Catalytic stoves, or wood-burning stoves that employ a catalytic combustor to minimize emissions, acquired a negative image when they were initially introduced in the 1980s. These early, poorly made wood-burning stoves employed catalytic combustors that clogged up and failed after only a few seasons and were tough to ignite. The issues with modern catalytic stoves are nonexistent. Compared to their non-catalytic equivalents, the majority of wood stoves on the market today are substantially cleaner and more efficient, and their catalytic combustors can survive for ten years or more.

Some like it smart Modern-day appliances like refrigerators, vehicles and phones all incorporate technology. Wood stoves today are hardly an exception. Some Wood-Burning Fireplaces, include features that make it simpler to light, let you manage your burn from a distance, and even shield your loved ones from chimney fires. Investing in a wood stove with these contemporary characteristics enables aging people to do less effort and have far more peace of mind. Although purchasing a wood stove with the extra amenities is typically more expensive, it is generally well worth it.

Find a qualified installer

It is not enough to understand how to choose the best wood stove. Even the greatest wood-burning stoves will perform poorly if improperly placed. We want to ensure that your wood-burning stoves receive the greatest care and installation. Therefore, we suggest chimney sweeps that have received certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Since 1983, the CSIA has led the industry in chimney repair.

Go ahead & schedule that first chimney cleaning All stoves that burn wood require regular maintenance. We advise cleaning your chimney at the start of each burning season and maybe more regularly if necessary to prevent difficulties. Since more and more individuals are using wood stoves yearly, chimney cleaners typically have difficulty getting appointments. Book that cleaning appointment early to ensure you continue burning happily after purchasing a wood stove. About Some Products from Costway

Patio Wood Burning Chimneys Fireplace Durable and Sturdy Construction: This chimenea fireplace is made of high-quality iron material with a high-temperature copper finish, which can be used for a long time. Additionally, 4 thickened and upgraded iron legs make it more stable without shaking on uneven ground. Safe and Humanized Design: This chimenea diverts the smoke up and allows smoke to rise straight, creating a comfortable environment for guests. Besides, the cap protects the fire cage from rain and other elements. The premium fire poker lets you remove the cover or charcoal without hurt. Warm and Comfortable Bonfire Experience: This fir pit designed with round wire mesh screening enables all-direction visibility fire at chimenea, and a two-piece log grate and a round mesh to increase air circulation so that the charcoal burns sufficiently and quickly. Therefore, it can provide your family with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Easy to Install and Clean: All the required parts and detailed instructions are included in the package, so you can complete putting them together easily and quickly under the guidance of clear instructions. There is a metal tray to help you collect ashes and dust, and it can bring many conveniences for you. Suitable for Outdoor Use: The wood-burning pits can be used in various places, including the backyard, patio, garden poolside, and other outdoor places. It is perfect for friends’ gatherings, family dinners, and daily use. It weighs only 11 pounds, making it easy and portable to carry.

22 Inch Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl With Wood Grate Solid and Durable Construction: This outdoor fire pit is made of a sturdy steel frame, which provides strong support and ensures the stability of the fire pit. Powder spraying steel material is rust-resistant and heat resistant, so our fire pit is suitable for being used outdoor for a long time. Safe and Convenient Design: Featuring a mesh cover, this patio fire pit can prevent burning embers from being blown out. Fire Poker with insulated handle can be used to move charcoal and remove mesh cover to prevent you from getting burned. And the grilling grate handle is convenient for moving the grate. 2 Grates for Multipurpose: This versatile fire pit is equipped with a wood grate and a grilling grate for different applications. Putting firewood in the bowl can be used to keep warm during cold winters and to create a cozy atmosphere. You can also put the grilling grate on the top for BBQ at family gatherings. Easy Assembly and Concise Design: Consisting of all the necessary parts and detailed instructions, this fire pit is easy to set up in a short time. No need to prepare additional installation tools. What’s more, the simple but stylish appearance can match well with your outdoor environment, which is perfect for patio, garden, backyard, and poolside. Easy Storage and Large Capacity: Because of the lightweight and portable design, this 22-inch fire pit is easy for transportation. When not in use, it can be stored in a cabinet or placed under the table, which helps save the home space. And the round fire pit can provide a large capacity of woods or charcoals.

26 Inch Hex-shaped Portable Wood Burning Firepit Bowl with Screen Cover and Poker Hexagonal Fire Pit: Unlike another square-shaped wood burner, our large fire pit with a hex-shaped bowl is able to accommodate irregular wood and extend heating distribution. Besides, build-in steel risers on the bottom improve the ventilation and combustion of the outdoor fire pit. Safe and Lightweight: Comes with poker for lifting the mesh cover when it’s hot or setting the wood while the fire is going. Plus, the mesh screen design makes the fire inside visible and can protect you from flying sparks. And the lightweight fire pit is easy to move around. Heavy Duty Material: Made of a sturdy steel frame with a powder-coated finish, this wood-burning fire pit is rustproof and heat-resistant, which is durable enough to stand the test of time. In addition, reinforced construction adds overall stability, and the fire pit can hold up to 22lbs. Indoor and Outdoor Use: This hex-shaped fireplace bowl is suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities so that you can use it in the patio, backyard, garden, camping, and more. This wood-burning fire pit reproduces the classic charm of bonfires and you can enjoy a happy BBQ time with your family and friends. Simple Assembly: With detailed instructions and all necessary hardware, you can complete the installation in a short time without effort. The package includes a hex-shaped fire pit, a poker, and a mesh cover. Overall dimension: 26″ x 22.5″ x 24″(L x W x H).

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