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2023 Outdoor Fireplace Buying Guide

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Winter is once more just around the corner. And with it comes the requirement to turn on the heat and bundle up in warm clothing. Some individuals, however, are apprehensive about raising the thermostat since they know how expensive their heating costs will soon become. When this happens, fireplaces are useful. You only need to find the ideal Fireplace for your requirements from the various methods you may utilize to remain warm this winter.

Lighting your first fall fire will help you welcome the winter weather and warm your house. The best part is that you may start the chilly season comfortably and without worrying about those terrible heating costs. If purchasing a new fireplace appeals to you, think over the information below so you’ll be prepared when you decide to start looking for wood-burning Costway Fireplaces at a fireplace business close to you.

Consider These Things Before Buying an Outdoor Fireplace

The type of outdoor Costway Fireplaces you can or should buy depends on various things. Legal – Exist any municipal regulations regarding building, permits, or wood burning? Most cities have municipal laws limiting how close flames can be to buildings, trees, and other objects of value. Additional documentation and clearances may be required before carrying out any significant alterations or construction if you’re constructing a permanent fixture. You might need to look for a qualified contractor connecting to gas lines. For further information, contact your neighborhood city hall or homeowners association.

Environmental – What size is the outside area you have? An attractive backyard may not be able to support a large fire pit or Fireplace. It’s crucial to have a fire that is appropriate for the surroundings. Additionally, the design or landscaping of the area around your home could make it harder to put out some types of flames. Is your deck or patio flammable? If so, there can be limitations on what and how you can install it. Before purchasing, read the product manuals because clearance and installation needs will limit your choices. 

What about awnings, low-hanging plants, and overhanging branches? Is it windy or dry? Be mindful of how smoke and embers may drift around to avoid disturbing visitors or neighbors or the danger of setting the area on fire. You could need windbreaks, or you might only be able to use enclosed installations rather than outdoor ones.

Budgetary – Your options will undoubtedly depend on how much money you spend. Money is a concern, or is the sky the limit? A tiny portable fire bowl costs only a few hundred dollars, but creating a large fireplace where you can cook may cost ten thousand dollars or more. It depends on how frequently and for what purposes you want to utilize it. Do you usually spend the day and evening outside, or do you go outside occasionally? Is this an investment to raise your property’s value? Many prospective purchasers are drawn to high-quality permanent fire systems, which can improve your home’s evaluated worth.

The Location of Your Costway Fireplace

Your outdoor living area is significantly impacted socially by the position of fire. Anywhere you set one is likely to become a well-liked meeting area because of its propensity to draw people.

Away from your house – In the calm area across from your house, a fire pit will draw the attention of the neighborhood next door. If you have teenagers, you can be sure they will congregate there if they want to hang out and get away from the “rents.” Just keep it visible from a window or porch for safety’s sake.

Attached to or near your house – Maintaining Costway Fireplaces on your deck or patio will concentrate activities and reduce the likelihood of guests wandering. Since permanent flames may be placed on the existing building, you have a little more room to maneuver here. Large fire accessories also function well close by because they don’t take over the room as they would if they were in the open. To ensure that the area complies with minimal manufacturer requirements, you should pay attention to the ceiling clearance and ventilation in covered patios.

Along walkways and walls – If your outside space is large, you could choose to illuminate the pathway leading from the front to the rear of the swimming pool area. Low and partial walls provide intriguing possibilities for little ornamental flames.

Design Considerations

The fun part is picking the ideal type for your environment once you’ve decided if you can build a fire, where you want it, and how you will utilize it.

Above or Below Ground Firepits Installing a built-in fire pit fixture is a terrific choice if you have the ideal location and want to make a statement. Because neither children nor pets may knock them over, they are safer than mobile options. You may create something that will improve your house’s curb appeal for very little money using DIY kits or by hiring a professional mason. Ensure that the decor and the materials you pick blend in with or enhance the rest of your yard or house.

In-Ground Firepits These installations, which resemble campfires, may be rather simple. Dig a hole in the open ground, line the bottom with bricks, concrete, or a simple fire ring, and you’re done. Add a circle of big pebbles around the edge for a more conventional appearance. You can get by with a few tree stumps or foldable camping chairs for sitting because the design is simple.

Above Ground Firepits Consider creating your permanent fire pit from the ground up if you’re looking for something more robust. There are kits available for the Bob Vila crowd, but most people should engage a contractor to ensure that it meets regional fire and construction regulations. These brick constructions frequently have an integrated wrap-around seat and operate in tandem with an identical floor. The unified appearance and expansive proportions provide a leisure sanctuary when placed away from the main home. Learning about hearth safety and finding qualified specialists through the National Fireplace Institute is a terrific idea.

Portable fire pits – Heavy or lightweight and easily moved?

A portable firepit can be a better option if you want the freedom to reorganize your outside space regularly. Although portable flames are often smaller than their attached counterparts, there are more available forms. They also perform work on decks, patios, and poolside.

Fire Pit Rings These portable firepits have one of the simplest setups and are perhaps the most basic. Typically, they are constructed from metal curving panels that fold or detach and lock together to form a ring or square. Just place the wood inside and place them on a fire-resistant surface. The enclosure provides the fire shape and prevents the embers and coals from spreading. The flames within many fire rings cause the beautiful stenciling on their sides to sparkle. Unlatch the segments when the fire has been extinguished, wash them, and you’re done. They also work well as a portable campfire that you can use at the beach.

Fire Bowls There is no doubt that they are bowls containing the fire. They have a wide range of shapes, materials, and fuel types. The bowls might be empty containers for storing wood, or they could include smooth pebbles or bits of glass that conceal a burner. Fire bowls become less portable if they need a gas hookup, but they may still be transported to where you need them. They’re a fantastic alternative for tiny areas, and their simplistic form complements just about any decor.

Fire Columns More so than providers of useful heat, these tall fire constructions act as ornamental lighting fixtures. Their slim shape and high flame are great for lighting walks and indicating the edge of your yard. Also, fire columns may transform the appearance of ordinary outdoor settings into something beautiful when arranged in a line around the margins of a pool at night.

Chimineas A chiminea (or chimenea) can be the best option if you’re searching for a fast and simple campfire to warm up over. To direct smoke, these fire pieces have a large aperture on one side and a little chimney above. They are often clay-built, resemble potbelly stoves, and burn wood. On the other hand, modernized versions feature angular, sleek metal bodies and run on ethanol or gasoline. Numerous cooking or storage apertures can be seen on certain chimineas. Even though many of them are freestanding and substantial, they should not be moved regularly.

Fire Pit Tables Firepit tables are one of the latest trends in outdoor fire furniture. These multifunctional appliances have an aperture with a burner encircled by a flat countertop. The hole might be square, oblong, or even a lengthy channel that runs down the center of the table. Glass windscreens are frequently used to shield the flame and any objects placed on the surface (or stray hands). Tabletop fire pits come in various heights, from modest coffee tables to dining and bar versions that create unforgettable outdoor experiences. These captivating centerpieces foster a warm social atmosphere and are often positioned in the middle of seating layouts.

Check out the exclusive products Costway offers:

22 Inch Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl With Wood Grate You may benefit from this outdoor steel fire pit’s ease! This fire pit features a strong steel frame that gives it exceptional stability and heat resistance. The mesh spark screen may stop the blowout of flaming embers. Moving wood or charcoal is easy with a 20″ poker, and raising the mesh screen is secure. Additionally, it serves various purposes and is frequently used in gardens, yards, patios, etc. It is practical for heating and cooking because it has a wood and grilling grate. Time and effort may be saved by using an easy assembly design.

Patio Wood Burning Chimenea Costway Fireplaces This chimenea fire station is made of high-quality iron that is heat-resistant, strong, and long-lasting. The typical 16″ log may be held in the circular wire mesh fire cage, providing a 360° view of the fire. The four sturdy legs provide stability and capacity for weight. The design of the roof and flue keeps rain and debris out while directing smoke upward. Additionally, the pan may gather dust and ashes, making cleanup easy. It is ideal for courtyards, balconies, and gardens. Together with your family or friends, enjoy this high-performance chiminea fire pit.

Outdoor Costway Fireplaces with BBQ Grill and High-temp Resistance Finish The basic design of the 32″ round burning fire pit fits any outdoor location wonderfully. You may enjoy the cozy fire on a chilly night with your family and friends by using this multipurpose fire pit as a brazier or BBQ grill. Additionally, the enormous fire bowl may be utilized as a chiller during the sweltering summers by adding ice. It is important to note that poker and a mesh cover are included for further safety and that a heavy-duty frame with a high-temp-resistant finish assures years of usage. You can quickly complete the installation because all the necessary hardware and instructions are included.

26 Inch Hex-shaped Portable Wood Burning Firepit Bowl with Screen Cover and Poker Built in a fashionable manner, your patio, backyard, garden, etc. will benefit from the calming ambiance created by this outdoor fire pit. With a large, hexagon-shaped bowl, you may gather around a warm blaze with family and friends in the chilly winter months. Additionally, durable design and high-quality materials guarantee years of usage for this 26″ fire pit so that you may use it without concern about rust or break. The fire pit may be moved around easily because of its lightweight construction. You may use the fire pit securely and conveniently because it includes poker and a mesh cover.

32-Inch Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit with 360° Swivel BBQ Grate Compared to other standard heaters on the market, the 2-in-1, wood-burning fire pit is handier, enabling you to host family bonfire parties or enjoy outdoor barbecues. You may use it outside without concern because of its solid structure and high-quality material guaranteeing lasting service. Additionally, the cutout mesh design and folding log rack provide adequate ventilation. The 360-degree rotating grill plate may also be raised or lowered to suit your needs. Additionally, the fire poker helps you manage the fire and wood. In addition to providing warmth for you, this multipurpose fire pit also enhances the attractiveness of the backyard, patio, deck, or pool area.

32 Inch 3 in 1 Outdoor Square Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill and Rain Cover for Camping A versatile fire pit is a fantastic option for outdoor party time with family and friends since it combines aesthetic appeal and practical usage. This three-in-one fire bowl can also serve as a fire pit table, a barbecue, and an ice bucket to suit your various demands. The heavy-duty fire pit is solid and safe since it is made of high-quality steel with a heat-resistant black coating. A poker and mesh cover is included in the packaging to shield you from getting harmed by flying sparks or debris. The BBQ grill lets you enjoy various outdoor activities such as camping, parties, and gatherings.

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