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8 Best Massage Chairs From Costway

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At home, a massage chair can deliver similar benefits as a professional massage. Professionals use shiatsu, heat, and compression massage to treat the back, shoulders, hips, and feet. On the other hand, some massage chairs offer heat, customized massages, vibration, and reclining. They graded massage chairs based on multiple criteria, including a number of massage modes, targetable massage locations, heating and reclining features, comfort, and affordability. So here we are going to discuss the best massage chairs.

      1, Therapy 03

Therapy 03 is our best-selling 2D massage chair, It features a Full-Body Roller System, SL Track, Voice Control, and Heat System. The TFT color screen on the remote control makes it simple to control the functions of this massage chair. The voice control feature can also be activated quickly by pressing the handrail shortcut key.

The massage balls on the SL track can reach your neck to your shins because of their 53″ length. Several different positions are possible for the back and the legs. A complete body air massage with three intensity settings and a foot roller with three incline levels are just some features of this massage chair.

It also has heating therapy for the back and arms, palm magnet therapy, mastoid therapy, a waist twisting massage function, a calf kneading massage function, and heating therapy for the palms. There are eight automatic settings, two memory settings, five massage modalities, five massage zones, five speed settings, and three-width settings.

      2,Relaxation 09


The Relaxation 09 improves life quality. This cutting-edge massage equipment features zero gravity and three different massage techniques. Negative oxygen ion, Bluetooth, and back heating promote circulation. Five automatic massage routines, 28 airbags, and foot rollers give you at least five massage options. This massage chair’s 53″ SL track and shoulder detection technology provides a customized massage. The backrest can move 129-157 degrees, and the calf can be extended 6 inches.

      3, Relaxation 25

     JL10025WL-BK-1 (3).jpg

Indulge in a luxurious massage with the help of this full-body chair. Your heart will be lower than your legs in the three zero gravity positions, alleviating cardiovascular strain and improving blood flow. The compact design is perfect for a family room, home theatre, balcony, or workplace. The ergonomic 135 cm/53″ SL track massages your neck to your thighs. 28 airbags cover the head, chest, arms, legs, and feet. This combination works well with a back heating pad and a foot roller. Yoga’s stretching reduces muscle stress. The voice control and wireless player are luxurious. Manually set speed, width, and intensity of 12 preset modes or five massage styles.

  • 4, Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chair


  • $3,299.00



This massage chair mimics human massage actions with 3D robot hands. Six silicone massage balls slide down the 55″ SL track from shoulder to thigh. The massage chair’s shoulder scan is automatic. This massage chair has eight automated massage settings and four manual massage techniques. Knob 1 regulates the massage chair’s backrest. Three massage widths and speeds are manual. Airbag massage loosens stiff muscles, the back heater increases blood flow, and the foot roller eases worn feet. Viewing and reading niches massage the zero-gravity chair. Bluetooth speakers allow massage music.


These Costway Massage Chairs help you relax. This massage chair has airbag massage, a 3-speed foot roller, 2-stage back warming, zero-gravity positions at three intensities, eight automatic massage settings, and five massage genres. Zero-gravity positions make the massage more effective by relieving pressure on the shoulders and spine. Three airflow types, six intensity levels, and four zones are included. Each massage setting has its own controls (three widths and six speeds). The massage chair can handle 53″ double SL tracks for better contouring and shoulder adjustment for diverse body types. Color-changing LED controller, phone storage, timer, and Bluetooth speakers. This design’s biggest virtue is that it requires no setup.
  • 6, Zero-Gravity 3D SL-Track Thai Massage Chair for the Entire Body


  • $3,999.00


3D massage chairs make home healthcare and massage more relaxing. Back heaters at 131 degrees Fahrenheit, three-speed foot rollers, Bluetooth speakers, and oxygen ion generators are included. In three weightless postures, the zero-gravity massage offers a five-gear 3D massage and full-body air massage. The 7.5″ x 5″ LCD touch screen or armrest shortcut keys let you choose from 12 automatic massage settings, six massage styles, six speeds, three massage widths, and three airbag intensities. The double SL track fits so nicely to the body that it massages from the neck to the shin. Electric linear actuators power the 7″ retractable footrest and adjustable backrest. Advanced scanning technology makes the chair body adaptive. Massage chair assembly isn’t required.

7, Zero Gravity SL-Track Massage Chair with Thai Stretch Heat Roller


This massage chair has three zero-gravity settings for TV, reading, and relaxing. This massage chair relaxes you by raising your legs above your heart. There are also eight pre-programmed massage settings, five modalities, three speeds, and three widths. The Thai stretch automatically stretches the back and neck to promote relaxation and recuperation. Lower body massages include airbags, heat, and roller. Heat isn’t just for the chest and shoulders. This massage chair detects your shoulder height and places the massage balls there. Twin SL tracks allow for head-to-toe massages. Shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot airbags can be triggered separately. Dual electric linear actuators provide leg and back adjustments.


This massage chair has 53″ SL track and 3D robot hands reach the thigh. Foot rollers and air massage (7 intensities, 6 programs) target shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet. Ten automated settings, six user-defined options, three speeds, and three widths are available. Dual-position zero-gravity relieves pressure on the spine and cardiovascular system, and Bluetooth speakers add to the relaxation. Thai stretching is body-lengthening. You can manually or automatically adjust the massage chair’s neck and shoulders depending on a shoulder scan. The plan works well in the bedroom, office, home theatre, and living room.

Massage chairs have been linked to various health advantages, including alleviating stress, muscle tension, and pain. Before making a purchase, individuals should think about device features like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in safeguards, and massage options. Customer reviews of massage chairs can be a great way to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a product before you buy it.

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