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Factors When Choosing Ride-On Car For Your Child

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Play is vital in your kid's social, emotional, physical and mental development. Ride on cars are motorized toys with miniature versions of stylish vehicles that kids will enjoy driving. Let the adventure begin as they enjoy their ride. This will help them explore, build excitement as they go out and encourage their curiosity in their environment.

The following are some of the important points to consider when purchasing electric cars from the market for your kid. 

Pick a ride-on car that is suitable for your child's age: Age appropriateness should always consider, not only for their comfort but also for safety. For younger age, choose the slow speed while can choose the higher voltage cars as the age increases. 

Does it have a remote control: there can be a risk factor involved sometimes when getting a kids car or any other ride for your child. With parental remote control, you have the full control of the car for safety of your child especially when you kid is too young to drive. This is to ensure their safety, no matter what the child is trying to do (foot on gas pedal, moving steering wheel, etc.)

Number of Seats: Is it better to acquire a 2 seater for your kids or 1 seater? Consider the age, weight, etc.  If you have two kids, you might be thinking about getting a 2-seater but take note also that you need a larger space when you have this.

Safety Features: Find a kiddie's ride on car that can downplay risks such as crashing, falling and loosing balance. Vehicles must have safety belts and childproof settings.  You can also equip your child with protective gear and accessories like helmets, elbow pads, cycle gloves, and knee pads for safety before letting your kid enjoy their ride. 

If you are looking to buy energy-busting rides for your child, Costway children's ride on cars can't just wrong with it. It's a great gift for your child in any event, may it be for birthday or Christmas. It has several features like can spring suspensions that are shock absorber for your kid to a have a smooth ride, multifunctional steering wheel, has MP3 player so you can upload your child's favorite music while cruising, and a lot more. Recommended for kids ages 37 - 95 months old.  It also has a handle and can be pulled like luggage, when not being driven!

12V Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control 

Two Modes Design: 1. Parental remote control mode: When your babies are too young to drive the car by themselves, you can control the ride on car through the 2.4 GHZ remote control to enjoy the happiness of being together with your little ones. 2. Manual mode: When you baby become older, they can control the car by foot pedal and steering wheel to operate their own electric toys (foot pedal for acceleration).

Cool and Realistic Appearance: Featuring bright front & rear lights and double opening doors with safety lock, the Mercedes Benz car is committed to providing your children with the most authentic driving experience. The fashionable look and cool shape will undoubtedly make it a king-like existence in the electric toys. 

Variety of Attractive Features: Designed with swing function, forward and reverse functions and three speeds on remote control for adjustment, kids will love to drive the car on their own and gain more autonomy and entertainment. MP3 music player with USB socket and TF card slot allow you to connect portable devices to play music or stories.

Security Assurance: Four wear-resistant wheels are made of superior materials with no possibility of leaking or tire burst, which means smoother driving experience for kids. Comfortable seat with safety belt provides large space for your baby to sit and play. Additionally, the charger is UL certificated for safer use.

Easy Assembly and Perfect Gift for Kids: It is worth mentioning that the one-button assembly wheel design greatly facilitates the installation of the car. Scientifically designed kids ride on car is a wonderful present for your children's birthday or Christmas and accompany their growth. Overall dimension: 47" x 25.5" x 18.5" (L x W x H).    

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Last but not least, have fun and enjoy your precious time with your child. Shop  ride on cars with remote here at Costway to get the best deal, plus free shipping to all orders!

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