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Boost Your Workday with the Ultimate Office Upgrade: Treadmill Desks for Enhanced Productivity and

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The pursuit of a healthy and productive workspace has led to the introduction of under-desk treadmills nowadays. Consider under desk treadmill if you are spending long hours at a desk and is looking for ways to optimize your work routine.

Achieve work wellness with a treadmill desk workstation and revolutionize your office routine with a treadmill desk by creating a dynamic environment that promotes both productivity and health.  Walking while working - treadmill desk benefits can help increase your focus and treadmill desk for office productivity level increases by improving blood flow to your brain and stimulating the release of endorphins, which can help better your mood and concentration. Incorporating physical activity into your workday also helps you stay alert and energized, which leads to improved task completion and finer overall job performance.

Looking for under desk treadmill near me: consider the following steps

1. Local Retailers:

Check with local office furniture or fitness equipment stores. Larger retailers, both physical and online, might have selections or could supply information on nearby stores that carry under-desk treadmills.

2. Fitness Specialty Stores:

Visit a shop that specializes in fitness equipment. They may have a selection of under-desk treadmills or be able to order one for you.

3. Online Retailers:

Explore online marketplaces such as Costway or other specialized fitness equipment websites. 

4. Fitness or Wellness Expos:

Attend local fitness or wellness expos, trade shows, or events where you can explore and potentially purchase fitness equipment directly.

If you're ready to join the  healthy work-life balance with a treadmill desk, we've listed our favorites below:

Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill with Touchable LED Display

Compact Design to Save Space: This compact treadmill can be placed under the sofa, corner, or bed, reducing the floor space and making it ideal for any room, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space. In addition, the two smooth wheels are convenient for transportation.

0.5-4 MPH Speed Levels and P01-P12 Programs: Featuring 0.5 to 4 MPH Speed levels, this treadmill allows you to choose a speed to help you achieve various fitness goals. You can walk slowly after a meal to promote digestion or walk briskly to lose weight. 12 programs are available to make the exercise more effective.

Spacious Running Platform: The large running belt of 17" x 41" can provide you with ample space to enjoy walking or jogging without going out. Due to the heavy-duty construction, this electric treadmill can offer better load-bearing capacity which can withstand a weight of up to 220 lbs.

Multi-function Display Screen: The multifunctional LED display on the electric Treadmill tracks your performance including time, speed, distance, and calories. More importantly, the display screen is touchable, so you can control the treadmill through this display screen, in case the remote control is broken.

Convenient Remote Control: You can easily change the data of the treadmill at any time by the remote control, which provides you with convenient operation. If there is an emergency, you can press the emergency brake button on the remote control to stop the treadmill to ensure your safety.


Under Desk Treadmill with Remote Control and LED Display for Home Office

0.8-6 MPH Speed Range: The powerful 2.25HP motor not only endows this walking pad with <45dB low-noise operation to avoid disturbing others, but also makes it has 0.8-6 MPH speed range for different exercises, such as walking (0.8-2 MPH), jogging (2-4 MPH) and running (4-6 MPH).

Dual Security Measures: Apart from shock absorbers for knee and joint protection, this under desk treadmill also boasts 7-layer anti-slip diamond running belt to prevent accidental slips or falls. Besides, the running belt is long and wide for a comfy workout experience.

Keep Track of Your Process: This walking treadmill comes with a built-in LED display, which allows you to easily monitor your time, distance, speed and calories burner. Stay motivated and push yourself further with each session. Moreover, the handy remote control is included for easy operation.

P1-P15 Preset Programs: This jogging machine features 15 preset programs, providing you with a wide variety of workout options to keep you motivated and on track toward achieving your fitness goals. Whether you want a gentle stroll or an intense power walk, this walking pad has got you covered.

Easy to Move and Store: With its slim and sleek design, this installation-free walking pad is only 5 inches height, making it incredibly compact for space-saving design. It also features 2 smooth wheels for hassle-free movement. In addition, the frames are made of natural rubber wood for durability and stability.


2.25 HP Walking Pad with LED Display and Remote Control

Adjustable Speed and Incline:  Boasting 0.6-3.8 MPH speed range, the walking pad will help you achieve different workout intensities. Plus, the detachable foot mats are designed for incline adjustment and damping for more possibilities.

7-Layer Running Belt: The running belt with 7-layer construction is anti-slip, shock-absorbing and wear-resistant, which will also protect your knees during experience. Furthermore, the 16” width of the running belt offers you a better walking experience.

High-Performance Motor: Adopting 2.25 HP motor with 265 lbs max load, the under desk treadmill will work with high efficiency and low noise (< 50dB). Therefore, it will be an awesome choice for home or office exercise.

Real-Time Data Tracking: The convenient remote control makes it easy to control the speed and power on/off. And the clear LED display on the walking pad will show you the real-time speed, time, distance and calories.

Easy Move and Storage: Equipped with 2 built-in wheels, the walking treadmill is simple to move after being lifted. Moreover, the 6” thickness makes it perfect to be stored under the bed or sofa, saving much valuable space.


If you're in search of an affordable, reliable treadmill with excellent safety features, you can't go wrong with Costway treadmill desks. Have a diverse options available, each with unique features and benefits, requiring careful consideration. Shop now at Costway for great deals for you!

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