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Conquer the Winter Wonderland: Essential Tips and Tools for Effective Snow Removal

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Winter means combating one of the season’s harshest weather conditions—snow. As beautiful as snow might be, it also brings a lot of  hassles to our daily lives and a daunting task: shoveling, snow blowing, cleaning off the car, dealing with ice dams, and frozen locks  need to deal each day during those winter months. Snow removal is a reality for anyone living in colder climates. Here are some ways to get on top of it this winter season.


Tips for Effective Snow Removal:


Early Planning: Plan your snow removal strategy beforehand, regard the layout of your place.

Safety First: Stay warm by dressing in layers. Use proper snow removal techniques to

prevent injuries

Use Ice Melt or Salt: Go for ice melt or salt before the snowfall to keep from ice formation

and do shoveling easier.

Invest in Quality Equipment: Purchase a reliable snow blower for larger areas,  roof snow removal for your roofs, and even  snow removal for car with your vehicle

Snow Clearing and Plowing Services: Hire a professional for snow removal service. Can save

time, energy and eliminate the risk associated with snow removal.


Snow Removal Essentials:


Gloves and Winter Gear: Insulated, waterproof gloves to keep hands warm and dry.

Wear layering of cloths, including a waterproof outer layer.

Snow Melt Mat: Electric or heated mats for preventing ice buildup on walkways.

Headlamp or Portable Lighting: See to it the visibility during early morning or late-night snow removal sessions.

Snow Removal Equipment: Choose the right snow removal tools – Whether it is a small path, a porch, roof, car,or a half-acre driveway, having the right shovel,  snow removal machine, or  roof snow removal tool for the job is essential.

20 Inch 120V 15Amp Electric Snow Thrower with 180° Rotatable Chute

  • Efficient Snow Clearing: The snow blower can effortlessly clear a path with a width of 20" and a depth of 10", thus helping you reduce the heavy labor of clearing snow. In addition, a durable auger blade measuring 8" brings much convenience to sweep snow, keeping your driveways clear and safe.

  • Powerful Snow Blower: The electric snow thrower is equipped with a powerful 15Amp motor, which shows perfect performance in snow removal and can throw snow up to 30ft. High efficient work performance makes it ideal for yards, porches, sideways, walkways, and other residential or public places.

  • 180°Discharge Chute Rotation: The discharge chute can be rotated 180°by simply controlling the hand crank, allowing you to change snow-throwing direction with ease. Additionally, you can loosen the locking knob to raise or lower the chute deflector to change the height of the snowfall.

  • Safe and Hassle-free Operation: Ergonomic handle bar provides a comfortable grab when clearing. Considering safety, the snow thrower can only be operated by pressing the switch button first, and then you can hold the handle to start clearing snow. Moreover, this electric snow thrower requires no oil or gas.

  • Selected Material and Easy Movement: Made of premium PP material and heavy-duty steel plates, this electric snow blower is characterized by lasting durability and great stability. 2 large textured wheels not only realize smooth and flexible movement but also increase the friction between snow blower and ground.


Item No: 52479168



Folding Snow Pusher Scoop Shovel with Wheels and Handle

  • Effective Snow Removing: The snow pusher enjoys a large shovel plate size in 24" x 26" x 9.5". Its large capacity and ergonomic radian design allow it to effectively remove a large layer of snow at one time. Moreover, pushing away snow to one certain place makes it more convenient and more time-saving to solve the snow pile up.

  • Durable and Solid Structure: The blade of the pusher is made of quality plastic, making it tough and would not crack easily even in freezing environments. In addition, the cutting edge is made of aluminum, avoiding damage and erosion for the pusher and allow the pusher accompany your family longer.

  • Humanized Handle: The unique shape handle enjoys a comfortable cushion on both sides, avoiding direct contact between your hands and cold steel. The handle's angle can be adjusted according to your requirements. It allows you to shovel snow upright to reduce back pain from clearing the snow on the lanes.

  • Wheels for Easy Movement: The snow cart has two PP wheels, which can easily clear the snow on the road by simply pushing forward. Wheels increase the friction with the ground, which consequently guarantees your safety during snow removing on slippery surface and helps you control the poly sleigh shovel in a better and more stable way.

  • Compact Design for Easy Storage: Because of the unique design, you can store this snow shovel in the corner, shed or garage by adjusting the handle's angle. This sleigh shovel has high practicability. More importantly, the pusher doesn't require installation, you can use it immediately.


Item No: 79018436


20 Feet Extendable Aluminum Snow Roof Rake with Anti-slip Handle


  • 4.8-20 Feet Adjustable Length: Including 1 handle pole and 4 extending poles, you can freely attach them to the wanted height from 4.8 ft to 20 ft. The extendable design enables you to sweep every corner of the roof without climbing on to it through a ladder, which is much safer and more effortless.

  • Lightweight and Sturdy Aluminum: The main frame and poles are made of high-quality aluminum, which is not only rust resistant and anti-deformation, but also lightweight for easy operation. Moreover, the triangle blade bracket ensures higher stability and the anti-skid handle helps you easy to control the snow rake.

  • 25" Oversize Blade: The blade of the snow rake measures 25" x 6", which can remove larger amount of snow at one time, saving much of your time and improving snow removing efficiency. Moreover, made of light weight material, the blade won’t easily hurt roof during snow removal.

  • Multiple Suitable Occasions: This snow rake can be perfectly used not only to remove the snow on the roof, but also to remove the fallen leaves or branches on it. Other than that, the extendable design allows you to use it for snow removal on car roof or any other hard-to-reach places.

  • Easy Assembly and Storage: Coming with an easy-to-follow instruction, you can finish the assembly in a few minutes with just several simple steps. And it can also be quickly disassembled for easy storage. Moreover, it weighs only 4.5 lbs, which is convenient to carry. Blade Size: 25" x 6"(L x W). Extendable Length: 4.8-20 ft.


Item No: 90413627


Shop the best Costway snow removal equipment to tackle any task during this winter season.

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