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31 Best Electric Fireplace Designs Ideas For Living Room

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A fireplace is the best thing for making a space feel cozy. No matter what your preferred style is-modern, traditional, farmhouse, or something completely different-a living room with a fireplace always feels cozier than one without.

1.Striking And Bold

Since bold and striking fireplaces frequently serve as the center of attention in living rooms, having fun with them is only natural. This striking fireplace from Brexton Cole Interiors has a playful and artistic design thanks to a sleek black mantle and decorative tile. It is a work of art in and of itself and enhances the other artwork.

2.Marble And Skinny Tile Hearth

The variety of available styles, shapes, and sizes is one of the main advantages of a tile fireplace. Thin, glossy tiles surround this fireplace from Cathie Hong in neutral colors that add a touch of drama thanks to the marble stone hearth. While still fostering a sense of calm, the area commands attention.

3.Bohemian-Style White Tiles

A white fireplace’s advantage is how easily it blends in with various living room themes. The white brick fireplace serves as the perfect backdrop for the wicker and wood furnishings and numerous plants in this boho-style living room from JC Designs.

4.Fireplace With Texture And A Floating Shelf

Texture can significantly impact the design of your fireplace, regardless of whether you choose a stone or tile appearance for it. The one pictured here in this living room by Amy Leferink employs irregularly overlapping materials to produce a 3D effect and to create a separation between the two shelving units positioned on either side to achieve balance. The addition of a floating wooden shelf serves as a mantle and unifies the wooden ceiling beams while being the ideal place to display minimalist art.

5.Tile From Floor To Ceiling

Julian Porcino’s stunning floor-to-ceiling fireplace proves that sometimes bigger is better. The room’s neutral colour scheme is perfectly complemented by the tan and textured tile, which also gives depth to the room’s obvious focal point.

6.Pattern And Color

Brick or tile is not necessary for your fireplace to be striking. This lovely floral design by LA Designer Affair demonstrates how you can transform a plain fireplace into an eye-catching display of color and pattern by using vibrant wallpaper or graphics.

7.Colored Tile

Tile undoubtedly has advantages, but occasionally a change is required. Designer Mary Patton decided to paint her tile fireplace rather than replace the tiles when she thought it needed an upgrade. The mantle and tile are a vibrant blue color, creating an eye-catching fireplace that demonstrates the impact of a new coat of paint.

8.Modest And Understated

Selecting soft hues and calming tones can aid in achieving the calming ambiance you frequently associate with relaxing by a fireplace. The soft olive green mantle and the marbleized gray tile make the space feel inviting, and the vintage-style hearth decor and the black-and-white portrait above add a touch of nostalgia.

9.Fireplace With Clay Tiles

People often want to modernize and update old fireplaces, but as this Michael Keck-designed living room for Emily Henderson Designs shows, newer is not always better. The 1930-era Spanish-inspired clay tiles beautifully complement the eclectic mix of furniture and imaginative accessories.

10.Marble In Green And Gold

While the beauty of white marble is undeniable, who says that color isn’t fun? Black Lacquer Designs’ breathtaking green and gold marble fireplace is a focal point that will draw attention. The coordinating built-ins on either side give the idea an exquisite appearance.

11.Built-In Seating Among White Stone

There are many options for adding functionality to a fireplace, but the most traditional option is one with built-in or surrounding shelving. With an additional area jutting out that could either serve as a shelf to set decor on or add a cushion for some additional seating, this fireplace in a living room designed by Jessica Nelson Designs proves it is possible. The white, textured stone blends in beautifully with the remaining neutral colour scheme.

12.Fireplace In A Coastal Living Room

White shiplap walls, seashell artwork, and an oceanic color scheme are all characteristics of a beach-inspired home in this coastal living room by Tyler Karu Designs. The fireplace blends in with the background with decorative tan tiles that perfectly match the rest of the room’s decor.

13.Massive Marble

Marble can be easily added to a living room to add elegance, and a fireplace is an ideal place to display it. It is simple to understand why marble is such a common fixture in home design when looking at the large marble stone encircling the smaller fireplace between two adjacent rooms. It gives the space a sophisticated and modern feel.

14.Brick Fireplace In Blue

Painting a brick fireplace is a fantastic way to modernize it. The brick in this fireplace by Arbor & Co. in the living room was painted a matte navy blue to contrast with the white mantle. As a result, the brick effect is reduced, and the pattern appears to be a deliberate architectural feature. It gives the room a contemporary feel that wouldn’t have been present if the brick had been left alone.

15.Traditional Living Room With Fireplace And Television

Making a fireplace and a television work together can be difficult because they both frequently become focal points in living rooms. The television is off-center in this living room by Amy Leferink, and the fireplace is placed next to it rather than above it. When the TV is off, it looks like an extension of the wooden built-in because the color scheme is neutral with dark wooden accents.

16.Brick With White Paint

Should brick be painted or not? When a brick fireplace is painted correctly, it can seamlessly integrate into the design of a room, even though many people are reluctant to do so, as designer Ashley Montgomery shows here. Make sure you’re certain you want to paint brick before you do so because it’s very difficult to get the brick back to the way it was before painting.

17.Formal And Elaborate

The best fireplace that fits into the room is not always the one that stands out. The fireplace in this room from Calimia Home is tastefully finished, with a matte white finish over an embellished relief that borders the mantle at the top. Other fixtures and furnishings in the room can stand out thanks to the simplicity and understated style.

18.Unusual And Vibrant

Undoubtedly, a fireplace can spark conversation in a living room. The blue floating shelf serves as a mantle in this room from Casa Watkins Living and blends into the wall, giving the artwork the appearance of floating. An exciting and unusual architectural feature surrounds the fireplace. It only demonstrates that there is always room for a little imagination.

19.Twist With A Brick

Although we adore brick fireplaces, if you don’t have access to one or don’t want to commit to a full-scale version, there are other ways to incorporate the look. Although the fireplace in this living room by Cottage + Sea is primarily made of white materials, the hearth and the border around the firebox are surrounded by traditional brick. It truly offers the best of both worlds.

20.Fireplace Tile Information

Add some personality to your fireplace by using tiles as accents. The tile pattern in this transitional living room from Jenn Pablo Studio gives the mostly neutral room a playful feel.

21.Elegant Fake Fireplace

A fireplace can be extremely useful, especially in a decorative sense. An elegant living room would benefit from the polished and tasteful addition of this faux fireplace from Black Lacquer Designs. The herringbone pattern in the middle adds some of its patterns while supporting a few prints for a distinctive presentation.

22.Modern Living Room With Fireplace

Although fireplaces frequently serve as focal points, their impact can be reduced. The fireplace opening in this space by Maite Granda is smaller than the vibrantly colored artwork above it. Even though the painting is just above the fireplace, it is still a feature wall.

23.The Farmhouse Look

With a stone fireplace surrounding, a living room can have a little bit of a farmhouse feel. As this room from Milk and Honey Life shows, you don’t need to go all-out with a huge stone mantel and hearth to get the full effect. Stone is used in this fireplace’s design to give it a cozy and welcoming farmhouse feel.

24.The Warmth Of A Fireplace

Any room decorated in a traditional, transitional, or in-between style benefits from the elegance and sophistication of a classic fireplace mantel. A fireplace can bring everything together and add a sense of sophistication like nothing else, as shown in this living room by M. Wilcox Design.

25.Wood-And-Stone Fireplace

Almost always, stone and wood complement each other beautifully. The wood furnishings and stone fireplace in this living room from Bespoke Only give it a timeless ranch or farmhouse appearance that is cozy, warm, and incredibly welcoming.

26.Eclectic Tile

This living room is another example of Eclectic Tile Dazey Den’s eclectic designs, which are always stunning to look at. There is a lot to look at here, but the fireplace grabs your attention because of its playful designs and patterns. Even without the decorative tiles, the teal and pink color combination are striking.

27.Typical Brick

Nothing compares to a traditional red brick fireplace, in all honesty. Farmhouse, industrial, and modern designs can all incorporate a rustic vibe. This fireplace was specially built to work with the slant from the roof and stands out sharply against the white walls and shelves it is surrounded by in the Dwell Aware home.

28.Dark And Light

The classic color combination of black and white is suitable for use in any space. This living room acknowledges this by maintaining a white background and incorporating small amounts of neutral in the surrounding area. The black back panel and firebox of the fireplace, in particular, create a stunning contrast with the white mantle that blends into the shiplap wall behind it.

29.Luminous And Vivid

Fireplaces can be quite the focal point on their own, but they become even more stunning when painted a striking color like this fireplace from Black Lacquer Designs. Anyone who enters is immediately drawn to the magenta, which also works well with the other colors in the nearby furniture and decor. The atmosphere is intriguing and fun as a result.

30.Hard Stone

When constructing a fireplace, the obvious choice is to use straight, orderly, symmetrical lines. There are other excellent options, as evidenced by this sturdy stone version in this room created by Erin Williamson Designs. The various stone sizes and shapes create an asymmetrical appearance that feels unhurried and natural-ideal for luring the company to congregate around a roaring fire.

31.Sky Stone

We are tempted to curl up for the evening in front of this gorgeous fireplace. The calm-inspiring shade of cloudy blue and the sleek exterior give the space a contemporary look, especially when contrasted with the white walls and the black firebox opening.

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