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Faux Fireplace Buying Guide

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Faux fireplaces are an excellent way to bring the sensation of a genuine fireplace into any room in your house without the requirement for an existing open fire pit or the installation of a real, potentially costly one. Installing a faux fireplace can significantly improve the identity and appearance of any room, as fireplaces are frequently regarded as focal points for a room around which homeowners can arrange furniture and decorations.

Faux fireplaces are not necessarily expensive, and you can even try your hand at building or making one yourself if you enjoy DIY or crafts. But that must be done efficiently so that your house looks good. You may also purchase a new one and install it in an appropriate place.

What exactly is a fake fireplace?

A faux fireplace is designed to look and function like a legitimate fireplace but does not have real flames or heat. A faux fireplace can be completely decorative or have a type of insert installed, such as an electric insert, to generate flame effects.

A faux fireplace is a fireplace that does not have real flames but has the appearance and feel of a real log fire. A faux fireplace can be classified as one of the following types of fireplaces:

A fireplace that is only for aesthetic and visual interest purposes does not function in any way.

One example is a fireplace surrounding a wall with decorative elements inside and on top. A fireplace is designed to look and function like the real thing, with the possibility of an insert, such as an electric insert, that can provide the appearance of flames while also generating heat. A fireplace surround and mantel with an electronically controlled fireplace is an illustration.

Why should you consider installing a faux fireplace?

You can create faux fireplaces by renovating a real fireplace, installing a fake surround against a wall, or making purchases of a fake fireplace within a piece of furniture like an electric fireplace TV stand.

"Real" fire pits are any type of fireplace that uses a real fire to create the appearance of flames and heat, which can include: traditional open fireplaces, wood fires, multi-fuel and pellet stoves, and gas fireplaces.

When used, these fireplaces use a combustion process to burn a source of fuel and may emit smoke and other detrimental particulate matter. As a result, "real" fireplaces like the one shown above will necessitate multiple safety precautions and methods, such as using chimneys, vents, flues, screens, and so on, to help keep you and your home secured from the threat of a fire.

Why are faux fireplaces different from traditional fireplaces?

Fake or faux fireplaces are any type of fireplace that does not produce a real flame. Electric fireplaces are the most common type of faux fireplace.

Electric fireplaces do not create real flames and thus cannot generate heat; therefore, a fan-forced or infrared space heater must be used. Electric fireplaces must be plugged into a nearby electric socket using the plug and power cord that comes with the unit.

Electric fireplaces emit no harmful particulate matter and use lights to simulate flames, making them ideal for use in various faux fireplaces such as mantels and TV stands.

Types of faux fireplaces:

We've briefly discussed the various types of faux fireplaces, but the list below underlines the variety of faux fireplaces available.

● Mantels/surrounds for fireplaces:

Traditional mantels, such as those found around an open fireplace, can be purchased separately or built from scratch to give the looks of a real fireplace in a home, but only for decorative purposes. A faux mantel can be designed with anything, including fake logs, candles, personal items, and more. A fake fireplace mantel serves no functional purpose and produces no flame effects or heat.

● Electric fireplace mantels:

Similar to faux mantels, but with an electric fireplace built into the middle opening. Electric fireplaces simulate real flames and generally provide heat as a space heater. Any faux fireplace with an electric fire pit will require a power source, usually a nearby regular household electrical outlet.

● Existing fireplace electric fireplace inserts:

These are standalone electric fireplace units that can be implanted into the opening of an established masonry fireplace to convert it from a real to a fake fire pit.

● Electric stove fireplace:

Electric fireplace stoves mimic the appearance and feel of a wood-burning stove without the use of a real fire. You may enjoy using our own electric stove fire pit in your open fireplace during a warm season, and it can be arranged anywhere in a home with a nearby plug socket.

● Fireplace powered by electricity TV stands:

These work like any other TV stand but include an electronically controlled fireplace.

● Wall-mounted electric fireplaces:

These are fake electric fireplaces that hang on the wall of your home. Depending on the model, they can also be recessed into the wall to create a more built-in look.

● Electric logs:

Electric fireplace log sets mimic the appearance of logs within a fireplace vent. You can position those within the firebox of existing open fireplaces to transform them into faux fireplaces. Electric logs, unlike electric inserts, do not take up the entire opening of the fireplace, allowing you to see the masonry firebox.

How does a fake fireplace function?

Fake cabinetry can be used in various ways to suit individual preferences. Faux fireplaces can be installed as inserts for existing open fireplaces, within surrounds and mantels, home furnishings such as TV stands, or a standalone fireplace surround.

Its working depends on several things. These are below.

Fireplace engulfs and mantels that are purely decorative.

Electric fire pit inserts for open fireplaces, walls, or specialized applications like entertainment centers.

Electric fireplaces built into furniture.

Decorative options:

When it is time to choose what to put in a faux fire pit and how to decorate it, there are loads of options. Candles, real and/or fake logs, fireplace grates, fairy lights, books, pictures, personal belongings, small plates, and beautiful potteries are all acceptable ways to decorate a faux fireplace.

Are faux fireplaces tacky?

We do not think faux fireplaces are tacky. The best electric faux fireplaces can look much better and have higher quality flame effects.

The most important thing is that one should buy a fireplace from a reliable source. In this scenario, Costway can help you out. Here, buyers would find beautiful and long-lasting faux fireplaces reasonably priced.

You check out our selected fireplace for your next purchase.

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