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trampoline is an equipment consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched between a steel frame using coiled springs. It was developed as a training tool for astronauts, and other athletes who required acrobatic training such as divers, gymnasts and skiers. Soon, the equipment became so popular, that people discovered the enormous number of tricks you can perform on them, thus the sport of Trampolining was born! People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes. Trampoline activity has also been used by science teachers to illustrate Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, as well as the elastic collision. When buying a trampoline, research is every careful buyer’s best friend because trampoline jumping poses a high risk of injury for children. It may result in sprains, contusions and fractures. Therefore, every buyer has to follow the safety procedures and choose the right size and design when putting up a trampoline at home. There are several models available ranging from cheap to premium quality, and choosing the right one for your family can be tricky. You want to be sure the frame is sturdy so it lasts a long time, especially if your trampoline will be used a lot!

BENEFITS Trampoline jumping can be an effective way to boost you and your kids’ physical fitness, and it may be an exciting break from your regular exercise routine. These low-impact exercises can build strength, improve heart health, and improve stability. A trampoline keeps you jumping around, working your muscles and cardiovascular systems. It’s also a great way of enhancing children’s muscle development, strengthening bones and reinforcing joints.

SAFE AND FUN PLAYING Always keep an eye on your kid as much as possible, even when there’s a safety net. Never leave them in the trampoline for a long time. You should also put a safety pad and foam around and regularly check the equipment for tears, detachments and deterioration. Replace any damaged fixtures, padding, and netting before using the trampoline. Never permit children to play on a wet trampoline and never play alone without an adult supervision. After using the trampoline, remove any ladders to make sure children can’t access it.

LOCATION FOR SET UP makes sure the trampoline has set a safe distance from trees and other hazards to avoid wounds and scratches. Place the trampoline at the ground level with soft, energy-absorbing ground. Good options include sand, bark or other materials that produce a cushioning effect. Avoid hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac. Around the trampoline, you should have a safety perimeter of at least 8-9 feet. Keep it away from objects that could interfere with jumping or be dangerous in the case of a fall. Create a safe fall zone outside of the trampoline.


Hexagonal Trampoline

Folding Trampoline

Inflatable Trampoline

Trampoline with Handrail

Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Trampoline with Swing Safety Fence

Trampoline with Net and Ladder

Hexagonal Fitness Trampoline Exercise Rebounder

Premium Material and Hexagon Shape: Made of high-quality PP material, the jumping mat of this trampoline shows excellent performance in resilience and durability, offering sustained bouncing. Meanwhile, this fitness trampoline features a hexagon shape design, which provides more room and stability for rebounding exercises.

Quiet and Efficient Bounce Exercise: Designed with non-slip suction cups and a bungee cord system instead of spring, this indoor trampoline can offer you a quiet and safe jumping experience. And this upgraded trampoline with superior bounce performance is an ideal choice for yoga, fitness training, weight losing, and cardio.

Sturdy Construction and High Safety: This trampoline is made of a thickened iron frame with an anti-rust powder-coated surface, making it durable and stable enough to support long-lasting use. Besides, 6 solid iron legs are equipped with non-slip foot pads to prevent your floor from scratching while enhancing stability and safety.

Fun Workout for the Whole Family: With high weight capacity, this trampoline is suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults to have fun jumping while watching TV. And this trampoline won’t take up much space, which is perfect for home, gym, and office. Moreover, the large jumping cover provides extra safety to protect your feet.

Easy Assembly and Low Maintenance: Coming with all the necessary parts and detailed instruction, this trampoline can be easily assembled in a short time. And you can enjoy jumping with this trampoline both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, this trampoline with a smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Folding Trampoline with Safety Pad for Fitness Exercise

Safe and Quiet Trampoline: Different from other trampolines which use steel springs, this premium indoor rebounder is equipped with durable bungee cords with a protective cover and anti-slip suction cups that ensure your kid’s safety while reducing the noise.

Great for Kids’ Growth: This durable trampoline is the perfect assistant for your kids to jump which improves balance, promotes bone growing of kids, and reduces the time spent playing with electronic products. And it can help your children to burn off pent-up energy as well. Hence, this indoor bouncer is the ideal gift for your kids.

Sturdy Construction: The high-elastic jumping mat is made of breathable and waterproof PP material so that it is durable for long-time jumping and can be cleaned with a damp cloth for daily maintenance. Besides, 8 anti-rust iron legs support your kids with ease.

Space-saving Design: By disassembling the protective cover and 8 legs with suction cups, this premium toddler trampoline can be folded in twice to 1/4 which allows you to store it under the bed/couch, against the wall, or in the trunk, etc. Meanwhile, the lightweight design is convenient for carrying.

Easy to Assemble: Bungee cords and jumping mat are already pre-assembled to offer great convenience and save your precious time. All you need to do is installation of other parts with detailed instructions.

Inflatable Splash Padded Water Bouncer Trampoline

Large Bouncing Area for Endless Fun: This floating trampoline provides wide jumping surface that is already attached to the support frame. Its bearing capacity is up to 330 pounds, enough to support an adult or 2 teenagers jumping at the same time. Compared with the land trampoline, it allows you to enjoy the joy of jumping on the cool water.

Easy to Transport and Set Up: The inflatable water bouncer is relatively small and easy to transport. Therefore, you can enjoy bouncing in the water far away from home. In addition, with the powerful electric inflator, it only takes 10 minutes to blow up the bouncer, allowing you to hit the water in no time!

Complete Accessories: To get you ready for a pleasant and safe water bouncing experience, we provide a 500W electric inflator, a rope ladder, 3 mooring ropes and an anchor in the package. You can fill the anchor with water or sand and fix it on the trampoline for increasing stability on water.

Durable and Weather-resistant Material: This water bouncer is built to provide a long-lasting outdoor fun. Instead of metal springs, it selects high-quality elastic bands together with durable nylon cloth that is more suitable for outdoor water environment. Meanwhile, the colorful parts are made of heavy-duty PVC material, which features puncture-proof and weather resistant quality.

Folding Exercise Trampoline Rebounder with Handrail

High Stability and Safety: Made of heavy-duty steel frame, strong steel springs and resilient jumping mat, this kids trampoline can load up to 330lbs. And the safety cover around the trampoline protects kids from falling onto the springs. Moreover, the handrail with a foam cover is anti-slip, so kids can grab it steadily while jumping.

Durable and Healthy Material: The steel of the trampoline is rust-resistant and the jumping mat is made of high-quality fabric, enabling the trampoline to accompany your little one for a long time. Other than that, the trampoline is ASTM certificated, thus all the materials are non-toxic and odorless.

Multiple Benefits: What this trampoline brings to your little one is far beyond fun of jumping. During the process of jumping, the trampoline will also promote kid’s bone growth, enhance balance ability and accelerate coordination. With this trampoline, your little one will have a healthy childhood full of joy.

Exquisite Details: Equipped with curved anti-slip footpads, the trampoline will stand with higher stability and not scratch the ground easily. 24 letters on the safety cover are beneficial to early education, promoting the all-round development of children. Additionally, the binding ropes fix the safety cover firmly, which is much safer.

Great Gift for Kids: This trampoline is quite suitable for kids from 3-7 years old. And it’s quite easy to assemble as long as you follow this detailed instruction. Your kid can not only jump at home, but also have fun outdoors with this trampoline. It will be a perfect gift for your child on special days.

Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Maximum Safety Protection: Trampoline with 360° enclosure net and EPE foam protective sleeves strengthens the impact protection to prevent kids from being injured by accidental impact when jumping. The seamless design between the net and the mat keeps your kids from getting stuck in the gap.

Strong Steel Structure: This trampoline is made of a galvanized rust-proof steel frame, which has a longer service life and provides a load-bearing capacity of up to 220lbs. The reinforced base with 3 U-shaped legs prevents the trampoline from tipping over, providing greater stability for your jumping.

Superior Bounce Performance: The strong galvanized spring with good elasticity is not easy to deform, which gives your kids a great jumping experience. In addition, breathable PP jump pads provide superior bounce performance and a more comfortable experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Center: This weather-resistant kids’ trampoline is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as living room, kids’ room, backyard, kindergarten, etc. The 7ft round recreational trampoline gives kids enough space to play and provides an exciting activity center for them.

Perfect Gift for Kids: The L-shaped double-sided zipper is easy and safe for your kids to enter. Frequent jumping will promote kids’ bone growth, strengthen their balance and coordination. In addition, this recreational trampoline allows kids to play with their friends to enjoy a fun time.

Entertaining Trampoline with Swing Safety Fence

2 In 1 Trampoline: Vary from other traditional trampolines, this kids trampoline is designed with a swing. Therefore, this high-quality trampoline not only allows your child to jump but also lets your kid swing freely so that this kid’s toy will attract your little one for a long time.

High Elasticity: Featuring 40 galvanized springs and a high-density jumping cloth, this premium trampoline offers your kid an ultimate bouncing experience. He/she will enjoy playing in it and release endless energy in order to fall asleep fast in the evening. Meanwhile, bouncing helps bone growth.

Sturdy Structure: Constructed of sturdy 2 U-shaped galvanized steel frames, this safe trampoline is anti-rust for outdoor use and stable for safety. Moreover, it comes with a strong loading capacity for different zones (220 lbs for trampoline and 110 lbs for swing).

Safety First: We always keep your child’s safety in mind. The soft foam cushion covers all the springs so that it prevents your kid’s hands or feet from being caught in the gap. Moreover, the upper pipes are padded with soft foam as well, ensuring your child’s safety.

Considerate Design: With the appropriate height from the ground (16″) and zipper with double buckles is convenient for your little one to get in and out. And the enclosure net adds extra safety for your child.

Outdoor Trampoline Bounce Combo with Safety Closure Net Ladder

Solid Construction: Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel pipes with a wear-resistant and rust-resistant zinc layer, the frame of the outdoor trampoline is durable and not easy to fade with a long lifespan. What’s more, there exist 6 big U-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points providing sufficient support and stability.

Safety Enclosure Net and Foam Sleeves: The recreational trampoline comes with a thickened enclosure net that is perfectly attached to the steel pipes through foam sleeves that can prevent hitting by accident. More than that, the high 6 FT net will increase the height of jumping but also resist tearing, fade, and ultraviolet.

Superior and Safe Bounce Experience: Made of high-strength and wear-resistant PP materials, the high-resilient jumping mat provides unmatched rebounding force. More than that, there exist plenty of steel springs that connect the tightly woven jumping mat and the frame to provide a comfortable jumping force.

Reliable Safe Protection and Easy Assembly: These trampolines are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed ASTM F381 and ASTM F225 and EN71 standards. Besides, there is no gap between the dense enclosure net and the jumping mat that prevents accidental hand or foot clipping. Other than that, with detailed assembly instructions, it is easy to assemble in hours.

Humanity Design and Good for Fitness: The trampoline comes with a stable ladder, a dual zipper, and buckle-up closure system that is not only convenient for kids to climb in and out but also ensures safety while enjoy jumping. Besides, it trains a wide range of muscle groups, improves balance and coordination, increases cardio-vascular fitness, and enhances parent-child interaction.


Remember that when buying a trampoline, you need to consider all the options that will fit in your home and keep your family safe. Make sure to use it correctly and keep the list above as a guide to help in picking the right trampoline for you. Check out our Costway Store for several types and designs of the trampoline to choose from.

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