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Music as a Gift

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Toys are your kid’s best friend and there are utterly no questions about it. Young kids love making music, noises, and looking into things. Introducing your child to the world of music is an amazing gift that would surely love and never forget.

What is a toy piano:

Early toy pianos used glass bars to produce their sound, but as time passes by, it was replaced with wooden keys, and hammers were replaced by plastic ones. Toy pianos are small piano-like musical instruments and come in many shapes and colors. Nowadays, modern toy pianos use round metal rods, plastics, and electricity to produce sound.

Most of the multi-functional toy pianos have many special sound effects like dance beats, drums sounds, and more.

The benefits of playing the piano at an early age:

Toy pianos are usually smaller, more portable, and easy to use. Not just only to keep the child entertained but also a great interactive toy for toddlers. Playing piano at an early age has many fruits that ripple beyond the appreciation of music. It engraves to your toddler that music is not only for fun, but a necessary joy in life.

Children whose first instrument is the piano have a leg up in stimulating mental development at an early age. It requires the simultaneous use of several areas of our brain and will sharpen brain capacity. It improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and patience. Another advantage is that it allows your child to have control over the type of music they play, leaving them to feel to make their own music. This helps to improve their self-esteem and creativity, will make them feel better about themselves, raising morale and motivating them to learn more.

Why it’s great to buy toy pianos:

Starting to learn music can be the first tricky step. Buying a toy piano is a great gift for your child as an introductory to open your kid’s ears to the musical world. It is a good investment in musical intelligence for your child that can be fun, quick, easy, and creative. Easy to navigate on-board programming like recording, and playback are some of the features of toddler toy pianos. A toy piano is one of the great ways to keep your little one filled with melodic sounds, and everything needs to start composing, jamming, or singing their heart out.

Don’t waste another minute! Have rounded up some of the coolest piano toys for kids so keep strolling to see:

3-in-1 Electronic Piano Xylophone Game Drum Set

· 3 in 1 Musical Instrument: This musical toy has 3 main instruments: a piano, xylophone and drum. The mode switch buttons enable it to emit sound effects of different instruments, thus stimulating children and musical potential.

· 3 Ways to Play Beat Drum: The play mode can emit sounds of the jazz drum and djembe. The music mode has 9 drum songs and 3 beats, and the whack-a-mole mode ensures interesting interactions and funny challenges.

· 4 Ways to Play Electronic Xylophone: The instrument can be freely changed between the glockenspiel mode (glockenspiel tone), xylophone mode (xylophone tone), animal mode (cat, dog, sheep, horse, cow, duck and rabbit sounds) and number mode (1-8 number pronunciation).

· 5 Ways to Play Piano: Kids can switch freely between the piano mode, trumpet mode, guitar mode, color mode (red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink/white) and socialization mode (piano key has the corresponding scale sound).

· Ideal Gift for Toddlers: Through music and fun games, this electric game drum enables kids to recognize colors, numbers and animal sounds, also cultivating their hand-eye coordination, musical cognitive ability, hearing, memory and emotional quotient.

37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano

· The Best Gift for Children: This electronic toy piano is elegant and beautiful in design and its chic look can immediately attract every kid’s attention. It is suitable for children over the age of three and can stimulate your child’s creativity and interest in music. It is the best gift for your kids!

· Environmentally Friendly Materials: Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials, it is safe and non-toxic, protecting your child’s health. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, while the stains can be easily wiped off with an ordinary damp cloth.

· 37 Electronically Tuned Keys: It has 37 electronically tuned keys that give a realistic sound of a piano. Your child can play eight different instrument sounds, such as piano, guitar, violin, etc. Also, your child can switch between eight rhythms, including rock, disco, and samba. With the recording function, you can record your child’s work and re-play it whenever you want.

· Microphone and Stool Included: This piano toy package comes with a detachable microphone and a stool. Your child can sing while sitting down and playing music, just like a professional artist does.

· With Multiple Functions: With a training function, your child can play an entire song, simply by following the instructional buttons that light up. Also, the child can adjust the volume of the piano as per their needs, avoiding any hearing damage.

· The Right Size: The perfect size for toddlers who are just beginning to interact with music, and when your toddler grows, the keyboard does too with the included adjustable stand and stool. Recommended for ages: 3+ years.

3-in-1 Kid Piano Keyboard Drum Set with Carousel Music Box

· The Best Gift for Your Kids: Beautiful piano toy makes fair-sounding tones for kids. Comes with the toy merry-go-round which is rotating and swings up and down accompanied by light and music, and the adjustable microphone which has a clear defined sound. This excellent piano toy is the best choice for your baby’s gift!

· Multifunctional & Interesting Piano Toy: The 2 in1 electronic toy consists of 6 funky jazz drums and a musical piano. With 5 musical instruments keys (piano, guitar, violin, sax, music box), 4 animal keys (bird, sheep, horse, cattle), music keys, story keys, recording keys, light control keys, etc. And it also could connect with the mobile phone and other devices as a speaker.

· Educational and Play Combination: It’s an intellectual toy, which not only could be a gameplay but also could improve children’s ability of practice. The musical piano and drum toy contribute to instill in kids interest and love of music and inspire their creativity! Additionally, it also helps to enhance brain development and benefit sensory and visual.

· Sturdy and Durable Construction: The musical piano toy is conducted by stable and non-toxic ABS plastic which has traits of health, wear-resistance and durability. It’s equipped with a solid stool that doesn’t tip over easily to keep kids safe when they sit. And it has CPSIA and ASTM certification for safe use.

· Easy to Assemble and Move: The size of the product is 21.5″ x 11″ x 25″. Thanks to its practical size, it looks great in any room. It can be installed easily by yourself. Featuring lightweight, the piano toy is also not difficult to be moved. It’s very portable for being moved from one place to another.

37-key Kids Electronic Piano Keyboard Playset

· 37 Keys and Multiply Functions: The 37-key keyboard has 8 rhythms that switch between jazz, march, samba, disco, country, twist, waltz, and rock for more fun ways to play along. Besides, it features 8 kinds of instrument sounds, 4 kinds of percussion sounds and adjusted volume and speed to play freely.

· Durable and Safe Material: Made of security and non-toxic ABS material and along with its fine workmanship and smooth edge design, it won’t scratch the soft fingers of your kids. Plus, it has passed the tests of ASTM, ensuring your baby’s safe use.

· Karaoke Microphone and Fun Flash Light: The keyboard is equipped with an external microphone to sing your happiness by a unique karaoke function. Flashlights will bright beautiful lights when you play. A convenient music stand can be played more easily for your child. The audio cable connects your phone, MP3, PC, or iPad to the piano for playing more kinds of music.

· Record and Create Your Own Music: Convenient “Record and Playback” can help children record their own songs and impress their children’s musical talents. It is also available to use an earphone to be more joyful.

· Perfect Gift for Kids: Detachable legs and lightweight stool allow the kids to play anywhere conveniently to fully release their inner musical talents, helping to develop children’s optimism when incorporating happy music into the game. Overall dimension:19″ x 8″ x 23″ (L x W x H); Recommended ages: over 18 months

Check out the wide varieties of toy kids piano for your toddlers will enjoy!

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