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Small Space Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

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A home seems incomplete if there is no fireplace. If you live in a country where winter is a bit harsh, you can’t deny the importance of electric fireplaces. Before Christmas arrives or before winter comes to your city, you should start searching for high-quality electric fireplaces. This blog is going to help you to choose the best electric fireplace based on your requirements and within your budget. 

You will agree that buying an electric fireplace is all about paying close attention to a lot of factors. No matter whether you are buying it for the very first time or replacing the older one, you need to pay close attention to particulars. There are many questions you’ll want to address once your search for an electric fireplace for your house or place of business has started. There are countless ways to make blunders in home remodeling and decor that can cost you time and money. A thorough assessment, reading reviews, and professional guidance can all greatly speed up the process.

Before starting to explore the best indoor electric fireplaces from COSTWAY, you must analyze your requirements first. 

Facts you must consider while buying an electric fireplace 

1.Design of the fireplace 

When browsing, the style of electric fireplaces will be the first thing you notice. Attractive design is crucial for such a massive piece to bring into your house or place of business. Although usability is crucial, you won’t want to utilize a fireplace in your living room if you don’t enjoy how it looks. To help limit your choices, try to stick to comparable design aesthetics. Look to minimalist designs and clean lines for inspiration while designing modern homes and flats. Do you prefer a retro look? For instant coziness, go for a cozy faux-wood fireplace. A stunning fireplace enhances the room’s aesthetics and practicality.

2.How much heat do you need?

Electric fireplaces effectively heat 400-1,000 square feet. The owner's handbook or product page listing is the best location to find out how many watts and BTUs each electric fireplace will produce because square footage differs from maker to manufacturer.

3.Zone heating capacity 

Zone heating lowers your overall heating bills while helping you increase heating efficiency in your home. Zone heating involves installing an electric fireplace, stove, or heater in your home’s busiest rooms, serving as your primary heat source.

Most have a thermostat, making it simple to adjust the temperature to your preferred comfort level when the season changes.

4.Size & heating power 

Most models have low and high heat settings ranging from 750 to 1,500 watts. These items are ideal for living rooms, basements, and workplaces because this wattage provides additional heat for areas up to 150 square feet.

In these settings, electric fireplaces are often used as additional heating, while they can also serve as the main heating source for small rooms like a den. According to the manufacturer’s recommended square footage, you might be able to warm up to 400 square feet if you’re heating an indoor or well-insulated area.


Several practical and energy-saving aspects of electric fireplaces include:

Flame-Only Operation: Most fireplaces come with a no-heat operation if you’re only interested in the ambiance of a fireplace and not necessarily the heating option.

Adjustable thermostat: The rate at which heat is emitted into your space can be chosen with a model that has an adjsutbale temperature function.

Flame speed control: Depending on your preferences, you can change the speed at which your flames flicker.

Brightness Control: This control, often found on the control board, allows you to change the brightness of your fire.

Remote control: In order to make operating even simpler, many electric fireplaces come with full-function remote controllers. 

6.Safety features 

When it’s about buying electric fireplaces, you should check the safety features accordingly before placing the order. An electric fireplace is way safer than traditional fireplaces that need a chimney. Fake flames and an enclosed firebox are truly safe and enhance the overall beauty of the room. 


No matter what mode you set, you won’t get burned by touching the fireplace. The fireplace must have cool-to-the-touch housing or glass to keep you safe while touching it. If you have children or pets, you should buy fireplaces for your small space with this feature. 

Overheat prevention 

You can’t sit in front of the electric fireplace all the time. There should be proper temperature control features. Your chosen electric fireplace should come with a built-in switch that will automatically turn the heater off if overheating is detected. 

Safety approvals 

In order to make sure they work following local, national, and international regulations, heaters must pass safety testing. To ensure you’re buying a safe, effective electric fireplace, look for ETL, UL, CSA certifications, and any other certifications applicable in your nation. 

Some of the best Costway Fireplaces you may consider in 2022

1.18 Inch 1500W Electric Fireplace Freestanding and Recessed Heater

2.18-Inch Electric Fireplace Insert Freestanding and Recessed Heater Log Flame Remote

3.18 Inch Electric Fireplace Freestanding Wall-Mounted Heater with Adjustable LED Flame

4.20 Inch 1400 W Freestanding Electric Fireplace with Realistic Flame

5.30-Inch Recessed Ultra Thin Electric Fireplace Heater with Glass Appearance

Where to install electric fireplaces? 

Electric fireplaces’ ease of installation is its main advantage. Most free-standing and wall-mounted electric fireplaces are zero-clearance, allowing for easy installation near combustible objects.

Installation can take place in unconventional indoor spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, attics, basements, cabins, mobile homes, and more, in addition to being close to combustible appliances like wall-mounted televisions.

In order to shop for the best electric fireplaces at a reasonable rate, you should connect with COSTWAY as soon as possible. Just five options are shared in this blog. But the actual collection is really huge. Just open the website, and you will get a huge fireplace collection to explore. You can explore online from the comfort of your own couch, place a successful order, and get the best fireplace delivered to your place.

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