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Should you use end tables in a living room?

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An end table is a small table placed at the ends or beside a sofa, other piece of furniture or beside anything you can sit. The main function of an end table is to put your drinks, food, cups, books, remote control or even a lamp. The average length of an end table is between 22 to 28 inches, while its average width is 14 to 26 inches and the height is between 20 to 25 inches. This makes end tables smaller but taller compared to coffee tables.

End tables are an essential part of any living space! Aside from it is useful they add a great deal of beauty and interest to our rooms.

End tables.jpg

Round Reclaimed Teak Wood End Table  

Square End Table.jpg

15 Inch 2-Tier Square End Table with Storage Shelf

So, why should you use end tables in a living room?

1. Surface for decoration and convenience

End tables supply a flat surface on which you can display ornamental items such as lamps, vases, figurines, framed photos, artwork etc. They help boost the visual appeal of a room. They can also be a convenient spot to place items like remote controls, drinks, snacks, and reading materials. This keeps essential items within easy reach, reducing clutter in the room.

2. Storage. 

Some end tables are equipped with drawers, shelves, or cabinets, which offers storage space for items like books, magazines, blankets, or electronic devices.

3. Plant Stand 

End tables can also be use as plant stands, allowing you to show your favorite indoor plants. It does not only add a greenery to your living space but plants boost mood and creativity as well as help reduce stress and fatigue.

If you are considering to add end tables in your living room, consider the specific needs and style of the room in which you plan to use them. Keep in mind the design, size, and material of the end tables must complement your decor and furniture arrangement. Whether you plan to use it for practical storage, decorative purposes, or both, end tables play a valuable role in enhancing the functionality and style of your living room. 

Hexagonal Accent End Table.jpg

Hexagonal Accent End Table

                              Elliptical End Table with Drawer.jpg                                

2-Tier Elliptical End Table with Drawer

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