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Umbrella Base Buying Guide : Tips for Buying a Perfect One

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UMBRELLA BASE or umbrella base stand, umbrella patio base, umbrella base weight, umbrella with base, patio umbrella stand A heavy base-typically consisting of aluminum, steel, concrete, granite, or sand-filled plastic-that keeps the umbrella from swaying or toppling over. Available in a variety of forms and sizes, with or without wheels.

Look down the next time you're relaxing in your backyard sanctuary – that is, at the bottom of your patio umbrellas. Do you enjoy what you've seen so far? Or are your umbrella bases in need of an upgrade? Here's all you need to know about this crucial – but often disregarded – component of your outdoor decor.

It is important to secure your umbrella properly to resist winds and weather shifts. Patio umbrellas can be anchored by a regular base (which may or may not have wheels) or a mount, which stabilizes an umbrella in a permanent location. Fixed mounts are typically utilized exclusively with big cantilever umbrellas.

The temperature is rising, and it's time to amp up your patio decor! So, what constitutes an ideal summer day? Cool beverages, plush chairs, and lots of shade Dozens of umbrellas won't help you unless you have the correct umbrella base stand, umbrella patio base, umbrella base weight, umbrella with base, or patio umbrella stand!

Umbrella bases are one of those specialty goods that you might not notice, but that's what makes shopping for them so much fun! Umbrella bases are now available in a range of designs, sizes, and functions. When establishing umbrella base stand, umbrella patio base, umbrella base weight, umbrella with base, or patio umbrella stand concentrate on a few key areas

There are many of umbrella types, and finding the perfect base is difficult. Is it permanent, movable, or fillable? What weight should it have? What's the diameter of the pole? What are bushings and why do you need them? All of these aspects must be considered before selecting a base. It may appear difficult, but trust us when we say we've already done a lot of the legwork for you! Let's start with the sort of base.


We recommend a base weighing at least 80 pounds for freestanding market umbrellas.

When selecting a foundation for freestanding market umbrellas, a fair rule of thumb is to add 10 pounds every canopy foot.

For umbrellas placed in the middle of dining tables, choose a lightweight base weighing no more than 70 pounds, as the table itself offers extra support. Most market umbrella bases are constructed of aluminum, steel, granite, or concrete.


Cantilever umbrellas need a unique base for each manufacture and model.

Confirm that your base and umbrella are from the same manufacturer and that the models are compatible.

Because most umbrella manufactures make small model modifications from time to time, the year the umbrella was manufactured may also play a role in base compatibility. Most cantilever bases are comprised of rigid plastic shells packed with heavy sand.

Other bases are composed of galvanized steel plates that may be stacked on top of one another.

or heavy wood or steel blocks that fit into a steel base structure to create the necessary weight.


The average weight of a base with wheels is 100 pounds.

These typically have two modest back wheels, but larger bases have four wheels and lockable casters, making them excellent for commercial settings that often move furniture.

What are the materials used to make umbrella bases?

In today's umbrella bases, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Which one you pick is mostly determined by the sort of umbrella you have, where it is located, and how strong a foundation your umbrella requires.

Square Steel Plate umbrella Base is elegant and sophisticated.

Cast stone and concrete bases are preferred for instances where you need to prevent your umbrella from tumbling over owing to severe winds or if you have a large, heavy umbrella. The workhorse of umbrella stands, a concrete umbrella base is made to survive and resist all sorts of weather. When you need a really solid umbrella stand that can handle a huge shade feature, powder coated cast iron is another wonderful alternative.

Cast Iron Support Base for outdoor umbrellas is both sturdy and lovely.

A polymer or plastic patio umbrella base is one of the most prevalent varieties. These are the types that have been filled with water or sand to add weight. They aren't the most attractive option, nor do they survive very long, yet they are frequently utilized as a commercial umbrella base at many a hotel's poolside.

Aluminum Umbrella Base is becoming increasingly popular owing to its durability and attractive appearance. Aluminum umbrella bases may be fashioned to seem like anything from cast iron to mosaic tiles while lasting far longer and retaining their integrity and beautiful design features.

17.5 Inch Heavy Duty Square Umbrella Base Stand of 30 lbs for Outdoor

Classic Round Base: 17.5″ square umbrella base is suitable for most outdoor umbrellas. Such a classic will never be out of time. Square decorative pattern plus bronze finish make your sun umbrellas much more attractive.

Great Stability: The updated base is in particular designed to have two parts: steel umbrella holder and resin base. This construction is known for better stability. Further, prevent your umbrellas from falling down.

Pole Adjustable in Diameter: The pole of this patio umbrella stand is adjustable in diameter from ?1.5″ – 1.9″. Plenty of umbrellas of various sizes can match our base. Much convenient.

Highly Durability: This umbrella base is made of premium quality material to reinforce its structure. A high-density resin base is good at keeping shape, not easy to be chipped off or broken. It can hold your beautiful umbrellas well.

Outdoor Use: The umbrella base can be used on plenty of occasions. Pretty practical and essential to sun umbrella. Our umbrella base will be a good companion for the garden, patio, terrace, balcony, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, and so on.


20 Inch Round 23L Water Filled Umbrella Base

Hand-turn Knob to Fix the Umbrella: The round base design of this product is big enough to hold the umbrella. This base includes a hand-turn knob for securing umbrella. Double lock design, one hole inside and one knob outside which could fix your umbrella tight.

Rust Proof and Anti-corrosion Material: The material of this item is HDPE, it is resistant to all weather elements and would not be corroded easily. It has good solidity and would not let the umbrella tile easily which make makes this item more durable and reliable.

Water-Filled Umbrella Base: One switch beside the centre part which is used to fill water or sand. It could make this base more sturdy and increase the weight support capacity.

Solid Structure: This umbrella base is made by solid resin structured with heavy-duty material for extended durability, and the structure follows the scientific principle and is strong enough to hold umbrella.

Elegant and Classic Design: This umbrella base is line style design, black color, elegant and the classic. It could suitable for different decor design, you could put it in balcony, yard or beside the swimming pool. It could be a good partner to your umbrella.

260 lbs Offset Patio Umbrella Base with Wheels Sand Water Filled

Filled with Water: Designed for offset and cantilever umbrellas, this base weight can help you secure your umbrella firmly. And this base weight can weigh up to 260 pounds when filled with water, and keep umbrella stability in windy conditions.

Easy to Fill and Empty: This base weigh stand comes with two built-in fill spouts, which allows you to fill water quickly. Twist off the cap on the top of the base to fill with water. In addition, the built-in drainage hole is convenient for emptying water.

Easy to Move with Wheels: Built-in four flexible wheels, this base effortlessly moves to any area of your backyard or patio. In addition, the height of this umbrella seat wheel can be adjusted by the rocker. When you want to fix the umbrella stand, you can use the joystick to raise the wheel.

Heavy Duty Structure: Constructed of durable PE material, this hard base weight can support the offset or cantilever patio umbrella firmly. After an excellent blow molding process, it also has weather resistance and long-lasting quality, which can protect from the sun, rain, and fading.

Wide Applicant Base Weight: Comes with a cross base underneath that can be connected to your umbrella pole or disconnected if your umbrella pole already has a cross base. Reliable umbrella base weight can be used in multiple scenarios, perfect for patio, garden, courtyard, porch, and poolside.

Patio Market Offset Umbrella Base Stand with Sandbags

Two Sandbags Included: Two sandbags are made of durable oxford fabric which is durable and waterproof for outdoor use. Designed for outdoor patio umbrella, this umbrella base stand can weigh up to 220 pounds for 2 bags when filled with sand, and keep umbrella stability in windy conditions.

Heavy Duty Steel Structure: Made of premium steel, the whole structure of the umbrella base is sturdy and durable for outdoor use. And, with powder coated surface, the umbrella base is rustproof and weather resistant. The cross base adds extra stability to the umbrella stand.

User-Friendly Umbrella Stand: This umbrella stands with an umbrella holder suit 1.9inch diameter umbrella pole, which is more convenient than the umbrella base weight. Moreover, this umbrella comes with sandbags to increase self-weight, so it is more stable than other umbrellas. With this umbrella base, you don't need to buy extra umbrella base weight.

Easy to Assemble and Maintain: This umbrella stand is easy to assemble with clear instruction. And the simple structure makes the base very easy to disassemble and assemble. In addition, thanks to premium material, this umbrella stand is weather-resistant and easy to clean.

Versatile Design: Featuring a square shape and stylish surfaces, this black umbrella base can match any surrounding decor and add glamour to your outdoor space. Reliable umbrella base t can be used in multiple scenarios, perfect for patio, garden, courtyard, porch, and poolside.

The weather is changing, patio season has begun, and you deserve every advantage possible. When choosing an umbrella base, you should examine the style, weight, and material, as well as the features and specs. Whether you pick a market, patio, or offset umbrella, the right base is waiting for you here at Costway. Enjoy this Spring and Summer to the fullest!

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